Friday, May 11, 2012

Ghostly Ohio Tidbits

 I can't believe it's been two weeks since I've been in here. But stats don't lie...mostly. Wish I could say I've been writing, writing, writing, but that would be another lie. I did finish the diary of my trip to Prospect Place, but you'll have to wait to read that in my next ghost hunting diary, Volume IV. I'm hoping to get the new one up in the next two-three months, along with Dead Man Hand. Well, I almost lied again! Sheesh, what's gotten into me today. I didn't finish the Prospect Place story, but it's drafted up and ready to read to my critique group tomorrow, soon as I print out the copies. So if you wanna get word nitpicky, which I do for a living, it's drafted.
 What else have I been doing? Well, thank you for asking. :-) Angela Rogers, fellow paranormal investigator and extremely talented designer, designed new covers for two of my books, Montana Surrender and Bittersweet Promises, both historical romances. SEXY historical romances, I'll have you know. And Angela totally captured that in the new covers! I have them uploaded at Amazon for Kindle, Barnes and Noble for Nook, and Smashwords for various other ebook formats. Have a gander at them, if you want. I'll put the url's at the bottom of this blog post. Buy them for a great read if you don't already have a copy, but...shhhhh. If you don't have Montana Surrender already, I'm going to do a coupon promotion next Thursday, May 17, to give it away free on Smashwords. That's the night I'll be on the Triangle Entertainment Radio show. I'll be tweeting the url and also posting it on Facebook on Wednesday and Thursday for y'all to use and hopefully listen. I'll be on from 8:30 to 9:00 p.m. Central Time.
 Winter Dreams is finally out of the Amazon KDP program, so I'll try next week to get it up at Smashwords and Barnes and Noble for other e-readers. Will try hard!
 O.K., I kept you in here with the promise of ghost stories, so I better deliver, huh? Well, these are, as the blog title indicates, little tidbits of things that happened while we were gone. Fun, and unexplainable, as are many paranormal incidents. But we still enjoy experiencing them!
 First, when we arrived at my sister-in-law Ellen's late in the evening, around 10 p.m., if I recall correctly, all we removed from the car were our overnight bags and hub's medical needs. Aunt Belle travelled up with us, since she has slews of friends in the area and tries to go back every year to visit. Since she was leaving to stay with one of those friends the next morning, she only unzipped her suitcase and took out her nightgown. It was cold, so we hurried with this unloading.
 Once inside, she got a frown on her face, and I asked what was wrong.
 "This nightgown is wet," she said. "Is your car leaking somewhere?"
 I assured her I didn't believe it was, and Ellen tossed the gown in the dryer so Aunt Belle could wear it that night. The next day when we talked late in the evening, Aunt Belle said, "When I finished unpacking my small suitcase today, every darned thing in it was wet! I had to rewash and re-dry it all! But nothing in the other suitcase was even damp. Were any of your things wet?"
 "No," I told her. "I checked, after you found your nightgown wet. Our stuff was all dry, as were our suitcases. And the carpet in the hatchback wasn't wet, either."
 "Well, that suitcase was on the bottom of the pile, so there's no way it could have gotten wet without stuff on top of it getting wet, also. And the clothes in it weren't wet when we left Texas or the morning we left our hotel at the casino on our overnight stop."
 "Ghosts," I mused.
 "Yeah, must have been," she agreed. "And I told them they better not do something like that again!"
 The next incident was about Juan, the flatulent ghost I've told you about before, who loves to make his presence known here at my house by...might as well use that word: farting. On our last day in Ohio, Belle and I left together to drive up to the Pearl Valley Cheese Factory in Pearl Valley, Ohio, about a twenty-minute drive from Ellen's. We wanted to get some yummy cheese and other things to enjoy back here in Texas. As we drove back to Ellen's, I sniffed. Now, there had been an odor in my car now and then. I'd even sprayed from the can of Lysol I keep in the car a couple times. I never could locate the source of the smell, and sort of blamed my son. I thought he probably lost a fry or something deep under one of the seats when he'd borrowed he car and didn't pick it up. It was probably getting moldy. But I even took a flashlight and looked under the seats and couldn't find anything.
 I sniffed again as the odor grew clearer. "Uh oh," I told Aunt Belle. "I think Juan made the trip with us. Do you smell him?"
 "Huh uh," she said. "I don't smell a thin--ugh! Yes, I do now! Tell him to quit that!"
 By now, the odor was pretty overpowering in the car. I rolled down the windows as I said: "Juan, you quit that or we'll leave you here in Ohio when we go back to Texas!"
 Poof, the odor was gone. Far too quickly for  the windows to have eradicated it. So we enjoyed the rest of the trip, back to Ellen's and on back to Texas starting the following morning (at 4:30 a.m., ugh, yes, there is actually a 4:30 a.m.!). I couldn't help but wonder if perhaps Juan was responsible for the wet clothes. This was the first time we'd been aware of him on this trip, and my belief system entails believing that ghosts can definitely travel. I've seen and heard them accompany me, as well as had proof about other ghosts travelling.
 A little followup on Juan: A couple days after we got home, I started seeing him now and then. Just a glimpse, his white shirt drawing my attention, then seeing the male figure I recognized as Juan faintly. Then one day, he appeared in the corner of the dining room.
 I think I'd like to cross over now, I heard.
 Since Juan is young--or was young when he died, he appears to be in his mid-twenties--I'd been telling him all along he needed to cross. Well, it's my opinion that all ghosts need to cross into The Light, but that's another blog. Anyway, I immediately went outside onto the front porch, telepathing: Come on, I'll open the doorway.
 I did, and I felt certain that Juan crossed into The Light, although I wasn't able to see him do so, only sensed it happen. I haven't seen him since then. I do hope Juan's at peace.
 So, I'm off to the next job on my to-do. I got a wonderful review on Winter Prey from Martha Cheves, who, besides giving very informational reviews on her blog, includes some tasty sounding recipes. She wants me to send her a recipe for something delish, and when I do find time to cook, I'm pretty good, Martha is also the author of A Book and a Dish, an ebook for which she donates the proceeds to an animal rescue group. I'll add Marsha's blog url along with the ones for my books with new covers now. You can find her book on her blog for only $.99. Montana Surrender and Bittersweet Promises are very reasonably priced at $3.99.
 Montana Surrender url's: Amazon, BN, SW
 Bittersweet Promises url's: Amazon BN SW
 Martha's blog:
 Would love to have some feedback of what you think of the covers, either in comments here or on Facebook. Happy ghost hunting and reading!
 Catch y'all later! Boo!
 T. M.

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