Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fighting the Nasties

  It's difficult to write anything today after hearing about the horrible incident in Colorado. And it's hard to even think about relating that terrible situation to something I've been mulling over recently. So, honestly, this has nothing to do with Colorado. It's just that I had already been pondering some things I'd encountered in my own life.
  I've said time and again not to mess in the paranormal world without guidance. It's dangerous, folks. And lately I've been wondering if it's even more dangerous than previously. Tammy, a friend from Facebook, put up a link to an article that muses whether it's worth the risks of the danger we encounter: It has a lot in it to consider, especially for someone like me who has definitely run across some nasty entities, even a couple demons. My tummy actually didn't feel well after I read this.
  Can they target you for reprisal? I imagine so, and I constantly keep my protections about me against something like that. I've seen far too much out there not to be wary. It's not just daytime you have to worry about, either. They are not "night" entities, although they might want you to think that.
  I'm not a demonologist. I just feel obligated to deal with the nasties when I encounter them. The operative word here is encounter. I do NOT go looking for them. In fact, if I hear of a place that could have a demon, I stay far, far away from it. Unless it's harming, or preparing to harm, a loved one or friend. Then, of course, I have no choice.
  Today, I actually reinforced the boundaries around my house. There is definitely evil out there.
  To end on a lighter paranormal note, I saw the little lady in my kitchen a couple days ago. She always lifts my spirits. She has a special smile, and she helps me make delicious food! Hmmmm. Wonder if there's something about food in the air? When I was teaching my Psychic Development Class at my friend Angela's house yesterday, her ghost, Robert, came to the door. According to Angela, Robert has given her some really cool recipes. Let's all think food in the air instead of evil. Yes!
  Bittersweet Promises and Dead Man Talking are still free on Smashwords, with the promo code SSWIN. Grab one, if you haven't already. You can't beat free. And if you enjoy the books, you can leave a review on the book page. I love seeing those reviews, the nice ones, anyway. Some people just don't understand those of us who dabble in the other world.
  Take care, stay safe, and send many, many good thoughts to the families in Colorado.
T. M.


  1. Altho I am not a 100% believer, I am definitely not a non-believer. But many years ago, when I was in middle school (we called it junior high back then) I think, a friend and I decided to use a Ouija board. This experience TOTALLY taught me that, if you do not know what you are doing, DO NOT mess around with the spiritial sphere. I will not talk about it in detail, but it scared the living crap out of me. That Ouija Board was boxed up and never used again (I was afraid to throw it out) altho I have no idea what eventually happened to it. Probably my parents threw it out. To this day if someone even mentions the Board, I do not consider it a laughing matter - nor an experimental one - and I lecture that unless you truly know what you are doing, stay away. I believe that when I was a young girl, I did see spirits in one house we lived in - even many years later my mother admitted she did not like going into the basement alone. And in this present house, when my kids were growing up, I think we had what could have been a poltergeist. And I totally totally believe in guardian angels - they have helped out several times when I called upon them.

  2. Hi, Danielle. Thanks for dropping by. I've been reading James Van Praagh, and he thinks the Ouija is "misunderstood" by people who don't know what they are doing. But I have to agree with you. I refuse to touch one and won't allow one in my house. However, I have a friend who uses it under direction of his Wicca sister. Operative word here are "know what they are doing." The paranormal is definitely dangerous to people who just want to fool around and see a ghost. I'm glad my Aunt Belle took my hand and led me through it, and continues to do so. I also studied for years under other psychics and a Native American spiritualist. So stay safe, y'all.


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