Saturday, December 15, 2012

Crossing over Roy the Ghost

  I think Roy kept trying to tell me he wanted to go. They call it an intelligent haunting for a reason: some ghosts do communicate with us … at least, as well as they can. Plus I know for a fact they maintain their ability to read. Some of them read my blog as I write it; my friend Angela's resident ghost, Alan, comes to mind. And recently, I realized Roy was reading my blog, also.
  A blog reader made the comment when I asked if I should cross Roy over: "What if he messes with your husband's medicines?" And you know what? Roy did!
  We had made our monthly trip to the casino. We have a strict budget for entertainment, and we love to play the slots. Since we know how much we can spend, it's stress relief for us, not gambling to gamble. It's fun. But hub has to do his breathing treatments four times a day, without fail. Therefore, we have a portable nebulizer that plugs into the car outlets, and he can go out there and do the treatment.
  We went up to Oklahoma on Tuesday. We left late and did some shopping along the way. In late afternoon, hub went out to the car for one of his treatments. Sis and I stayed inside and got in a few more minutes of fun. When we went back to the car at the agreed-upon time, hub was mad.
  "I got out of the car for a minute," he said. "Left the nebulizer in there propped up so it wouldn't spill the medicine. When I got back in, the machine was totally upside down, the medicine spilled out! There was no way it could have jumped up and tipped over on its own!"
  "Damn," I replied. "I think Roy came with us. Did you have some more medicine to use?"
"Yes, but I got enough of the treatment to not have to open more. It just really pissed me off. I made sure that machine was stable before I stepped out of the car."
  So Thursday morning, Roy left. Leading up to that, in the past couple days, I've had the very strong feeling that this is what he wants. He's been trying to get my attention with his tricks to manipulate me into crossing him over. Maybe he didn't know it at first, since he might have been confused, but when I started threatening to either banish or cross him over, he may have realized it was possible to halt his lonely existence. Now, I don't like to be manipulated by a ghost. However, in something like this, I do feel the need to pay heed, since I have been given that gift and ability of crossing lost souls through The Light. The sun was just coming up as I started writing this last Thursday, and hub and my sister were both still sleeping. So this was a good time for what I needed to do. Roy and I headed out onto the porch.
  Brrr. It was chilly out there, a cold but clear Texas morning. As I got into my long, warm housecoat (you don't think I get dressed just to write, do you?), I talked to Roy and also gathered any of the other souls here who might want to cross. I could feel some of them following me out the door. Roy was with me, too, but he stayed back a ways.
  Outside, I stood looking at the east and grounded myself, waiting a few minutes until I felt I was in the proper, respectful mode. Then I lifted my arm and asked: "I have some souls here who wish to cross through The Light to the other side. Please let a door be opened for them."
  Nothing happened for about five seconds. There was a bright slash of light in the eastern sky, which split about half the blue sky that I could see above the treetops. The door was open.
"The door's open," I said quietly to the souls gathered there with me on the porch. There were at least two besides Roy, and both of them crossed.
  "It's o.k. to go, Roy," I said, still staring at the east and letting him decide on his own whether or not he was going, and when. Then I felt him coming toward me.
  He patted me on the shoulder and said Thanks, then walked upwards and through the door.
  "Bye, Roy!" I called. I sat down for a minute to contemplate, but the chill drove me back inside.
  Starting the day this way is a nice feeling. I'm not upset at Roy for continuing to push at me to get his point across. Hub may be another matter. He holds grudges sometimes. But soon as he wakes, I'll tell him that Roy won't bother him again. However, I won't remind him that our home attracts ghosts, so I'm sure there will be a few others lost souls wander in now and then.
  It's been quiet here since then, although Howard and the little lady in the kitchen are still here. Also, Martha, the lady in my office. These three seen to want to stay, and I won't push them to leave. They're all well-behaved ghosts.
  About all the writing I've got done lately is this blog. What a busy season! I forget from year to year why December is never a good writing month. When I used to be under contract, I never wanted a deadline in December. Too much to do, a lot of it work, a lot of it fun and family. But the ideas are gelling, and January in on the horizon.
  All the ebooks are out there available, lots of ghost stories, some fiction to give you an escape from the stress or worry. Enjoy!
  T. M.

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