Sunday, September 7, 2014

Swimming with Ghosts

We had a very different investigation last Saturday night, August 30. Frankly, each investigation is unique, but there are always certain similarities with how the communications are handled and how they work. We use KII's, of course, and my trigger object, the Raggedy Ann doll that Aunt Belle named Anna Lee. We also have had a lot of success with those flashlights that screw on and off. SRT's equipment tech, Timmy, has a rempod, and we were using that, also, on Saturday night.
Did we have a lot of success with this equipment: Nope, hardly any at all. I don't think our flashlights have ever let us down, except for one night out at Dry Creek. (See, never say never, or ever, as this case is.) This night, however, it took a long while for the ghosts to start using the flashlights to communicate, and then it was sporadic. Sometimes we weren't sure if we were getting a response or just a random flicker of light. We didn't have much success talking back and forth into the other dimension at all. I admitted that I wasn't "hearing" the ghosts this time, although I was getting visuals that matched the descriptions of some known former occupants of the house. I thought it was just me, but Floyd wasn't having any luck, either, and mentioned this several times. I think Sarah had more than the both of us combined did.
This happens at times. I have no explanation. However, SRT has been talking about going back again, when the moon is in a different stage. This is a definite possibility, if we can work out our schedules, as well as fit another investigation into the homeowners' timeframe.
The investigation was in Palestine, Texas, and the house we spent the night at was beautiful, built in 1876. We met two fascinating people, the owners, Nina and Havis Tatum. The Tatums gave us permission to use their names and even show their house. So here is a photo of this gorgeous place, which covers half of a city block. There is the main house (in the first photo, with Floyd and Havis Tatum) and a smaller "guest house" next door that is part of the property (in the second photo).

The swimming pool is in back, and there's a nice deck and back yard area around the pool. The Tatums stayed up with us most of the night, and they truly enjoyed being part of our investigation. There were also six dogs and several cats, but you would not believe how well-behaved the animals were; we enjoyed them, to our distraction at times <smile>.
I'll write up a more detailed report for the next set of ghost hunting diaries, and I will be getting a report to the Tatums, hopefully next week. We had some equipment problems, so are just now getting to the evidence review. But as to swimming with the ghosts….
The Tatums said that several times they would be in the pool late at night, having a glass of wine at the side of the pool and just talking. One of them would "feel" something go past, brush their leg or get their attention in some way; but neither would say anything, at first. Later, once out of the pool, one would mention it, and the other would say, "You felt it, too? So did I!"
Another night, they told us, they watched the beach balls do strange things. There was absolutely no wind, but the balls would float one way in the pool, change direction, float another way, again and again. I think they said they watched this for an hour or so.
So, of course, nothing would do but Sarah and I go swimming around the time these things happened. O.K., it took me a bit of wheedling to get Sarah to swim, also, but I talked her into it. At 12:30 that night, she and I went into the water. Brrrr! It was rather cold at first, but really nice after a minute or so, when we were used to the water temperature.
At least until about 1:15 a.m. That's when I joined Sarah on the side of the pool where Nina and Havis had their chats. That water turned so freezing cold, it drove us out of there fairly quickly!
We moved out into the middle of the pool, where it was a little warmer, as well as deep enough that we couldn't touch bottom. We had a couple of those noodles things, and we drifted there for quite a while. Now, there was no breeze. The Tatums had those two big beach balls in the pool, and they stayed over at the head of it, just sitting there. But Sarah and I didn't. First we were pushed toward the beach ball side of the pool, then back the other way. Then back toward the beach balls, then sideways. Not just one of us, both of us.
Finally, I looked at Sarah and said, "Is something pushing you?"
"Yes! Is it doing it to you?" she asked.
"Yep," I said.
This happened several times and the water kept growing colder and colder around us. Finally, we gave up and jumped out to sit in the hot tub for a half hour or so. Wonderful! Luxury! It was hard to leave that hot tub, but we finally did around 2 a.m.
We didn't last long after that before we went to bed, since we still weren't getting any communications. However, there was no doubt that we'd actually been swimming with ghosts. Like I said, a different experience on this investigation.
By the way, the Tatum's house is for sale! Just letting y'all know.
Dead Man Ohio is making its way to the various ebook venues. I put up the ones for Kindle, Nook and Smashwords last week, but will repeat those. Now, it's finally at Apple, so I'll include that. I'm still waiting for Kobo to get it up.

 Thanks for the neat feedback I'm getting on Facebook. And thanks very, VERY much for making the book climb to #53 in the Amazon paid list for ghosts! I love y'all dearly. If y'all get a chance, do add your review on the site where you purchased the book. Now, I'm going to get going on another set of diaries and a Halloween story, then finish Silent Prey.
Stay safe, and look how close we're getting to Halloween!
T. M.

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