Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Blog Rationale

I guess there's no sense having a blog if I don't use it.  Angela was so great to set it up for me, and I've put off posting.  There are two reasons, actually, for my blog.  One is, of course, my ghost hunting.  The blog is called "I See Dead People" because "I See Ghosts" was already taken here, although I have it for my web site.  The second reason is to help folks find out what I'm writing and where it's available...which isn't anything right now.  I'm in the process of doing some stuff in e-book form, but I imagine it will be sometime in October before any of that is ready.  Most of my other books are out of print, but you can usually find them used.

So...I'll content myself with ghost hunting for now.  If you'll go to my web site sometime, you'll find a list of definitions.  They explain what I believe.  The most important thing is that I believe ghosts are tied to this world for some reason and have never crossed through The Light.  We'll talk about the reasons as we go along.  Spirits, on the other hand, have crossed through The Light and can come back and visit for brief periods.  I personally have helped quite a few ghosts cross into The Light and I know for a fact these former ghosts are lots happier.  How?  They come back and tell me, of course.

I'll have more things to report as we go along, since I live in a haunted house.  There are various ghosts here, some spirits.  I don't allow anything else and I have a firm handle on how to banish anything like that.  Today, I was making up some protection packets for house cleansing and to protect us when we happen on somewhere that has evil lurking.  I had one of those horrible feelings I hate, like something was terribly wrong.  The last time this happened, a man up the street was dying.  So far this time, I haven't found out what is going on, but I have called lots of loved ones to make sure they are all right.  I hope no one else in my neighborhood is in for some grief, but I'm afraid they are.

We'll chat more later.  I'll try to post each time one of my resident paranormal boarders does something interesting...or even scary.

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