Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm so slow

By the time I get back in here, I've forgotten how to use the blog.  Sheesh.  Today I tried to post to a friend's blog and it asked me for my user name and url.  Well, I wasn't sure which url to put, my web site or the one from here.  And I couldn't remember the one for here.  Gotta call my friend and ask her, I guess.

We've had a few incidents here at the house involving my sister, who is living with me for a while.  The latest one was "someone" turning on her ceiling fan in the middle of the night.  And it was cold, so it sure woke her up!  A while back, our aunt was coming to visit.  The ghosts woke her up early, early and told her to get out of bed and get busy, we had company coming. She was a bit ticked at them, so they better watch out.  She won't forget to read her Bible every night now.

A couple days ago, I went over to a friend's house and sent one of the ghosts there that was bothering her into The Light.  He wasn't necessarily an evil ghost, but he wasn't real nice, either.  And he was on the verge of turning into a troublemaker.  Funny.  Her other ghost was the one who insisted that I handle this new intruder!

I also had a rather bad experience with a black witch ghost who was bent on evil.  She actually was trying to burn down the garage apartment where my cousin lived.  Took a while, a lot of concentrated effort, and even scared me a bit, but I sent her packing.  This will be one of the free stories I put up when I start selling my ebooks.

Working on my web site and the ebooks.  More soon, I hope.

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