Sunday, April 17, 2011

Updated Web Site & Ghosts

Whew!  Wonder what I've been doing?  Re-learning to update my web site.  I want to get some of my ghost diaries out as e-books and also re-publish some of my other books in e-book form for Kindle, Smashwords, and more (soon to come, I promise).  Keeps the brain active, too, to learn new stuff!  Anyway, the web site is updated a bit with some fantastic new covers for Dead Man Talking and Dead Man Haunt, my first two paranormal mysteries.  A great designer friend, Angela Rogers, did these covers for me.  <smooches> Angela!  Next have to pick out a few of my short stories or diaries for a short to help promote my new e-books.  Then have to learn an entirely new format process.

As to ghost hunting, Angela and I went out to Dry Creek Cemetery in Poetry, Texas, on April 1.  Angela's mother, Gloria, and our friend, Timmy, went with us.  What a hunt!  Another friend of ours (who can't hunt right now due to numerous surgeries) said what I showed him on DVD was better than anything he'd seen on TAPS or Ghost Adventures.  There's a short clip (15 minutes) out of an awesome hour and a half up on YouTube.  If you search for Dry Creek Cemetery, it should show up for you.  It still always amazes me when things like this happen, confirming the existence of that dimension across The Veil.  I hope I never lose that awe.

Happy Hunting and Reading.  See you next time.

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