Wednesday, June 1, 2011

News on My End

Where to start?  Well, since it's about ghosts in here, I should tell a ghost story, huh?  But the only thing that has happened recently is that Howard, one of my resident ghosts, walked past my office window yesterday.  I've seen him before, so was pretty sure that's who it was.  Hurried to the porch, but no one there or anywhere around.  He likes to do that, pull me off the computer and make me take a break.

Next, I've actually got one of my books of ghost hunting diaries up on both Smashwords and Amazon, pending review to go live for sale.  It's called Ghost Hunting Diary Volume I by T. M. Simmons, and should be available soon in all ebook formats.  It has six different tales of my ghost hunting life.  One is The Myrtles in St. Francisville, LA, called Down the Ghost Trail.  Crossing Over is the story of the first time I helped two lost souls cross into The Light.  Casino Carouser and Lakeside Lurker are a couple short tales of ghosts I encountered on a family vaction.  Cry Baby Cry is about one of my trips to the extremely haunted Goshen Cemetery in East Texas.  The Pissed-Off Ghost is about a house cleansing.  And Midnight Ferry is about a dangerous encounter I had with the ghost of a black witch.

Last for this entry, a good friend and fellow ghost hunter of mine, Tim Smith, has been invited to join an East Texas group to investigate a haunting down in a place no investigative group has ever gone into before.  I'll report back later on the results of that, sometime after the end of June.  The group is lucky to have Tim.  If you'd like to see Tim in action, along with a couple of my other ghost hunting friends, go to Youtube and search for Dry Creek Cemetery.  You'll see us actually talking to a ghost out there who speaks telepathically to me but also answers questions by turning on my friend Angela's flashlight!  It's way cool.

Catch y'all later.  In the meantime, BOO!


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