Saturday, September 17, 2011

How to Find my New Books!

Shhhh. I'll tell you a secret in here. Ghost Hunting Diary Volume I is now free on Smashwords. If you prefer Amazon, it should be free there soon, also, if we get enough peope to report the lower price. That's the only way Amazon will let the author give the book away free. Anyway, at Smashwords, it's at: If you prefer the Amazon site, you'll need to watch and see when it goes free at: which will hopefully be soon.

But...I've also got up the second volume of stories! It leads off with the Baker Hotel investigation (which led to my book Dead Man Haunt). It ends with another one of the really nasty tales of evil entity encounters I've had over the years. Both places have it for only $0.99. The Amazon version is at: The Smashwords version is at: As soon as Smashwords gets busy and distributes it, it should be available at Barnes and Noble for the Nook and other sites in other ebook forms.

And...voila! I also got Dead Man Haunt formatted and posted for sale! This, as alluded to above, is the book that evolved from my encounter with Patrick, the gorgeous naked ghost I "met" at the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas. It's only $2.99 at both Amazon and Smashwords. Amazon is: At Smashwords it's Again, this one should be available soon in other e-formats.

I'm kicking around publishing a volume of fiction short stories I've written over the years for Halloween. Email me at if you think that would be something you might be interested in. For sure, I hope to have a freebie short story out there for Halloween...if the creek don't rise and all that. Happy reading!

A group of us are going back to Goshen Cemetery this Thursday, the day before the Autumn Solstice. This cemetery is the place I allow no one to accompany me unless they wear a blessed and consecrated protection packet. Keep good thoughts that nothing evil attacks us there this trip!


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