Friday, October 21, 2011

New Book and Paranormal Jealousy

I put up a selection of short stories (fiction) last week for your Halloween reading pleasure. It's titled Grave Yarns and it's in ebook form for only $.99! On Amazon, it's It's also available for Nook and in other formats. You can search on BN and elsewhere. One of these days I'll figure out how to put up the covers and urls here on my blog. I've even been selling in England, by golly, both the ghost stories and the two fiction books, Dead Man Talking and Dead Man Haunt.

I have managed to (barely) get on Twitter. I'm a total newbie there, having just signed up yesterday, so give me a break. I'm at @TMSimmonsauthor.

As to the other part of my title, Paranormal Jealousy, man, have I been seeing that on the reviews for my true ghost stories in Ghost Hunting Diary Volume I ( since it went free. People seem either to love them or be totally uninformed about how the paranormal world works, as well as how to write. The shortest rebuke I have is as to the writing. If these folks would bother to click on my author page, they'd see I've published quite a few books with the big NY publishers under my romance name. I guess they don't realize that we published authors talk among ourselves and we are well aware of the extreme jealousy from wannabe authors who can't get their books published.

As to the paranormal jealousy, I just feel sorry for those wannabe investigators. As I state in the books, they are true stories. They are not fabricated nor even embellished. There is a small group of people with psychic abilities who do actually have in-depth paranormal experiences: things beyond "hearing footsteps", "thinking" they might have glimpsed a ghost, hearing an unexplained noise. I happen to be one of them, and my aunt happens to be another. When we are together, we have even more fascinating experiences. When we take part in a circle, we are asked to sit on opposite sides of the room, since our combined energies can totally disrupt the communications. We don't use a lot of the technical equipment ourselves, but we do allow it to be used when we are investigating. And that equipment goes nuts around us. We don't have brief, hello/goodbye communications with entities from the other dimension; we can carry on these communications for a long while, even a half-hour at times. We can speak with the spirits for as long as their spirit energy allows them to chat with us. We also do cleansings when ghosts become troublesome, assist lost souls to cross into The Light, and on occasion, have exorcised demons.

We have many fellow paranormal investigators who will vouch for our abilities. They, in turn, have various levels of abilities of their own, as well as different types of abilities. But we don't tolerate someone approaching us and demanding that we "show them a ghost, right now!" As my aunt says, "Folks, it ain't Dial a Ghost." As far as those who scoff, again, they have our pity since they remain on the outside fringe of what is possible in paranormal communication.

Another conversation that fellow published authors and I have behind closed doors is what happens when we do put a book out there free for promotion: "The weirdos, wannabes and green-eyes swarm out in droves." I still remember the wannabe investigator we had to ban from our group when, on his first investigation, he informed us in all seriousness that yes, pink men did live in the moon and they were the ones who told him to hide in his closet and dress in women's clothing. Now, 99.9% of wannabe investigators are not like this, but this type does exist. Again, they can have our pity but not our tolerance.

The anonymity of the internet allows far too many people to say nasty things about something another person has worked hard to share. It's rather like how some people act when they get behind the wheel to drive. They can turn into road monsters. I guess we could call the people who delight in cutting down another person's work internet monsters, huh? But it's part of the business these days, I guess. Nothing I like, but something I face.

I do wish everyone, though, fans or unfans <grin>, a fantastic Halloween!
T. M.

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