Sunday, November 27, 2011

Aunt Belle Ghostly Visit

We plan out Black Friday shopping trip months in advance. This year it looked like Aunt Belle wouldn't get to come. Her job had scheduled her to work Thanksgiving weekend! But y'know what? The job closed down so she's now on unemployment. Good news for our shopping trip, not so great for Aunt Belle's boredom level. Anyway....

My resident ghosts always, yes, always, get active just prior to her visiting. They must have psychic powers...or they overhear Sis and I chatting <grin>. This year we had another new ghost pop in. He was/is a large guy, at least six feet and broad shoulders. He wears a white shirt and is nearly as visible as a complete apparition. I saw him several times, pretty much just a glimpse but a clear glimpse.

So Aunt Belle shows up on Wednesday. That evening, we were standing in the kitchen chatting. All of a sudden the new ghost appears in the dining room. I gasped! Belle gasped!

"Did you see him?" I asked.
"Clear as day!" she said. "He's large, wearing a white shirt and has dark hair."
"You saw him clearer than me," I replied. "But you always do. I've never seen his hair color."

So later that evening we are in the living room, fire in the fireplace, watching TV. I have a clear view into my office, where Aunt Belle sleeps when she visits. I can see our new ghost, pacing back and forth, and I mentioned to Belle that he was in there. Then I decided to go into the kitchen for a snack. As I passed the office doorway, I laughed.

"You'll just have to wait for her," I told the ghost, then turned to Belle. "He wants to know when you are coming to bed." She laughed.

The next morning, she gave a ghost report. The new ghost told her clearly, "Good night." Then at 2 a.m., she woke and decided she really needed one of Sis's gingerbread cookies she had baked. In the kitchen, she saw our little lady ghost. She was clear to her: Very short, white hair, blue dress with a full apron with tiny flowers on it. Back in her bed, she saw a tower of multi-colored lights hovering over the table in here.

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Hope everyone has a full tummy, found good bargains, and counted zillions of blessings!


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  1. Since I don't have any comments, I'm gonna comment myself. I'm still working on this site, when I have a split second of time. I had a neat idea this morning, inspired by another author friend who is mentioning my books on her blog. I thought it might be great if I ask other authors who have a ghost story to tell, to be a guest on my blog once in a while. The authors could also tell you about their own books, and you might just find a great read. We love readers as well as ghosts.

    Whatcha think? It would mean more ghost stories up here for y'all to enjoy. Feedback welcome!


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