Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jealous Not-So-Imaginary Friend

I have a small cousin who is around four years old. A while back, she told her grandma that she had a new friend, Gracie. We all know small kiddos come up with imaginary friends a lot, so Grandma assumed this was what it was. But things happened that pointed to the fact this might not be a totally imaginary friend. It soon became clear this "friend" was the ghost of a small child. I confirmed that one day when I went to visit.  Gracie came over to stand by me and held my hand. She was about the same height as my little cousin and didn't appear to be disruptive, so we decided to leave her alone to play.

Today, Grandma came to see me. She reported that her grandchild had become extremely disrespectful and sassy. She had also started being truly not-nice to her brother, who is two years younger. To top that off, she tried to trip an elderly lady when she was shopping with her mother. Mother said her child actually stuck out her foot in front of this lady as she was walking past, clearly trying to trip the lady. Mother was deeply embarrassed and apologized, since the lady noticed what the child had done. Then Grandma said her son, my extremely psychic cousin, Cody, had overheard Gracie telling the child to hurt her brother, and the ghost child had told Cody she was jealous of the brother.

O.K. Time for Gracie to cross over. I thought perhaps Gracie was indeed ready, was missing her parents and everyone, and just wasn't old enough to realize what she was doing. I'm a very firm believer that children ghosts need to cross into The Light. So off we went to Grandma's house.

My small cousin was asleep, thankfully, so she couldn't interfere. Cody was there, so I asked him to help me (in the form of being there and confirming what I saw and sensed happening). We found Gracie in the bedroom where the small cousin was napping, and she came out into the living room right away. I started talking nicely to her, since I don't like to upset children ghosts, plus I do feel so sorry for them. As soon as Gracie realized what I wanted her to do, she disappeared.

We followed her through the house, into the kitchen, and I kept looking for a place where she could see the door in the East and cross over. We found her again in the kitchen and ended up going out the back door with her. She was a little reluctant, but I mentioned there would be people she loved waiting to welcome her, as well as puppies. Cody added, "Kitties, too." She liked that idea.

In the back yard, we had a clear view of the eastern sky. "Look, Gracie," I said, pointing to the East. "See that door there?" (I had immediately opened the door.) Gracie looked at it, but she shook her head no. She wasn't going there. "But look," I said. "See? There are already some people there waiting for you. Your mom and dad...." She shook her head. I don't know what happened between her and her parents, but she wasn't too happy about going to them. I quickly changed tactics.

"Your grandma is there, see?" That got her attention and she looked. "And see? There's some puppies and kitties. Oh, one is a little cocker spaniel puppy! See it?" (I could actually see these people and animals waiting in the doorway, albeit they were shadowy and faint and I sensed them more than visualized them.)

Gracie stared longingly at the door, then looked up at me. "I want to go now," she mentally said to me. "Go on," I said. "It will be fun and you'll be fine."

Gracie drifted toward the door in the sky, then zipped faster and disappeared inside without a backward glance. "Bye!" I called as I waved while the door closed. I looked at Cody. "She's gone, huh? Did you see her go?" "Yep," he agreed. "And she said to tell her little friend goodbye. Did you hear that?" "I did," he agreed.

Back inside we found our little cousin up. "Gracie said goodbye," I said. "She went home to be with her mommie and daddy." She was rubbing sleep from  her eyes and just nodded an O.K. On the front porch a few minutes later, she tried to take the tricycle away from her brother, but not in a nasty way, just insistent. He gave it up with no problem, but when she tried to get on it, she hit her eye on the handlebar. "When you aren't nice, sometimes things hit you back," I said. She rubbed her eye for a while, and when she got on the trike, she rode it pretty carefully, avoiding running over anyone. It will take her a while to forget Gracie and her jealous instructions, but she's already on the right track.

T. M.

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