Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Howdy

Presents all wrapped and under the tree. (Check)

Now we can start eating! The little lady ghost in my kitchen helped Sis and I make all sorts of delightful yummy goodies. We've got a half-dozen different homemade cookies, some already-made Russell Stovers, several homemade candies, including English toffee and fudge. Today will bake a blueberry and a cherry pie. We have some fruitcakes soaking in their brandy-laced cheesecloth. Yum! Oh, and yeah, we're having a meal, too, not just desserts (although I'm tempted). Turkey and ham, wild rice dressing, homemade noodles, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, crescent rolls, pickle/cheese platter. Shhhh. Don't tell my doctor I'm eating all this cholesterol-laden food. Hub and son will be home from deer camp this afternoon, meatless, unless they got something this morning. We'll start eating then, with the ham. Yum! Have I said yum yet? Tomorrow other son and dil and three grandkids will be here for turkey and fixings. That's always what holidays are about: family gathering. I imagine we will have a few visits from our crossed-over relatives, too. I'll keep a "sense" tuned.

Juan has made an appearance a couple times. Howard, my oldest resident ghost, has popped into visibility a time or two. The new man ghost was here while Belle visited, but haven't "seen" him since. Someone stroked my hair for about five minutes while I was snuggled down to go to sleep last night. Nice! Next thing I knew, I'd been asleep for several hours.

Putting one of my romances as a freebie for the Kindle over the Christmas holidays. It starts tonight at midnight! Mountain Magic, It will stay free until Monday at midnight, from what Amazon tells me. I hope they don't screw up and forget to make it free, but it is scheduled.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas (yes, I still say that and always will) and a fantastic 2012. Timmy and I have to go help a ghost cross over in January. I think Timmy's sister is enjoying having the ghost there right now, but she does want him to go into The Light, where he belongs. Hope all the other paranormal investigators have successful "hunts" next year.

Blessings to everyone! T. M.

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