Friday, January 6, 2012

New Book/New Ghost

Well, the book isn't "new" new. It's a time-travel-angel romance that was out in hardcover several years ago. It's never been in ebook form, so I've had an epublisher, Belgrave House, reissue it, rather than do it myself, as I have my other books. Witch Angel, is up at the ebook site, in 10 different ebook formats. The editor tells me she will have it up at various other on-line sellers in a week or so, such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I'll let everyone know.

Now, that new ghost. I think I'm going to have to sit down and see who he is. He keeps materializing ever so briefly in full apparation form. I've seen him at least a half-dozen times, if not more. No doubt about it, it's the same man. He's about six foot, broad shoulders, a white shirt, dark hair. I get the impression he's in his early 40's. Belle also saw him when she visited last month. She's coming again this month, in a couple weeks, so if I don't get a chance to sit down and chat with this new ghost before then, I'll make it a point for her and I to do that. I think he has a reason for being here, and it's something I need to find out.

I have a friend who can't believe I don't drop everything and chat with my ghosts whenever they decide to appear or make their presences known. With so many "living" here with me, I just don't have time to befriend all of them. I wouldn't get anything else done, including blogging! Some are only on their way through, wandering to wherever ghosts wander to. Some end up staying around, like this new man. Some I help cross over into The Light if I sense this is what I need to do for them.

I very seldom walk through my house without one or two of the ghosts touching me with their energy. Sometimes it's only a brief "Hi/Hello." Other times they hang around for a while. The kitchen lady ghost does enjoy being there when Sis and I cook, and even when I'm in the kitchen alone. I have dozens of stories I've written down over the years describing the going's on here at my house. One of these days I'll gather them all into one of my ghost hunting diary volumes.

The other day, I visited a friend and helped yet another lost soul cross into The Light. This friend evidently has a vortex under her house, since she gets inundated at times. Or perhaps rather than a vortex, which I always associated with spirits returning for brief visits, there is a portal that ghosts use. I'm not sure about this end of the paranormal world. Anyway, my friend's tiny daughter kept watching someone in her bedroom...once again. We have sent several ghost to The Light from that bedroom. This again was a female ghost, and reluctant as she was, she did end up going through the door. I wish I knew where to go for some research data, such as it might be, on portals and vortexes. We have done cleansings in this house a couple times, but they only seem to work for a few days.

This is one of those insomnia nights, but I'm starting to feel the sleep monster, as Sis calls him, nudge at me. To all a good night and blessings to everyone.

T. M.

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