Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Set of Diaries, Portal Problem

A new set of true ghost stories went up this week. Whew! Hard work. But Ghost Hunting Diary Volume III, written in my T. M. Simmons author life, is now up and available for $1.99 at various sites. Amazon Kindle, BN Nook, and at Smashwords in various other formats Smashwords will eventually distribute it to Apple and various sites for download on other ebook devices. Hope y'all enjoy the new stories! They range from some early stuff to recently banishing a demon with the help of my fellow investigator Angela Rogers.

She and I also have a problem with the danged portal in her house...or we did have, but <knock on wood> we may have it closed finally. It was like Grand Central Station for ghosts there for a while. We'd cross them over and she'd have peace for a week or so. Then here they would come again! They ticked me off because some would decide to camp in her small daughter's room, and that's a no-no big time! So off I went to do some research and contact some old friends, make some new ones, and figure out what to do. I'm not about to outline what we did here in a public forum, because this is an area you don't want to venture into without knowing what the heck you are doing. Frankly, we weren't sure either, when we started out. However, we had sense enough, and experience enough, to tread carefully. Our gifts worked, along with the research and preparation we did. But I can assure you, novices who tried something like this would be in big trouble.

Angela, also, in between all her other busy life chores, designed a beautiful new, totally scary, cover for my next book, Winter Prey. Since I don't know how to put pictures here on the blog, you'll have to go to FB to see it, after I get a chance to put it up there. Or my iseeghost web site, on the ebook page. I did managed to get it up there. This book is very different than anything else I've done. It's not a happy-ever-after romance. It's not a quirky humorous horror mystery with ghosts. It evolved from some of the dark entities I find and fight with in my paranormal investigative life. There's a monster, a windigo, and he's a cannibal. Yep, he eats people. Well, It is his name, but It used to be a he. You'll have to read Winter Prey to see how that happened. I hope to have that book up in another week or so.

In the meantime, happy reading, happy hunting. Be careful. Don't get in trouble out there.

T. M.

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