Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Double Crossing Over

  My friend Angela, my equipment tech Timmy, and I answered a call for an investigation last Friday night, Feb. 3. I didn't know a lot about what was going on before I went, which is one of my rules for most new places I'm called to. All I knew was there was a ghost causing a problem there, not what sort of problem(s). We also went with Angela's mother, Gloria, and two other friends from my writer's group. Floyd and his wife, Sarah.
  That night, the weather report called for thunderstorms. Cool! That gives the ghosts an energy source. We watched a great lightning show on the drive there, and just before we arrived at the house, the storm broke loose. We did make it to the covered porch before we got soaked...and Angela and I were contacted immediately by one of the ghosts.
  Enough happened during this investigation to call for an entire diary, which I'll probably put into my Ghost Hunting Diary Volume IV when I get ready to publish it. However, a few highlights are worth telling here. The mobile home we arrived at sat on the edge of a large, open field. Angela and I both started hurting really bad on the porch. We had head and chest pains, and I felt like someone had beaten me. Then there was a pain in my chest, although I think it hurt Angela worse. We both knew at once that a young man had been killed in the field beyond the home. He'd been beaten, at times with a piece of concrete block, then shot in the chest. This ghost told me he was ready to cross over right then. However, the homeowners wanted us to come inside and see what had been happening, so I asked him to wait a while.
  After we'd been inside a few minutes, a little boy ghost came down the hallway, crying his eyes out. He actually came right up to me and crawled into my lap. Angela, Sarah and I were all on the verge of crying ourselves. As far as I know, I was the only one who saw him, but I believe the male homeowner may have.
  I wasn't about to wait to cross this little tike over. We went out on the porch, me holding his hand to lead him. He was afraid at first, but I opened the door in the East and showed him that his grandmother was waiting for him. He was so happy to see her, he didn't hesitate any longer. He did look over his shoulder and say goodbye and thank you to me as he raced down the light path, through the door.
  I love helping children into The Light. Well, actually, I love helping any lost soul into The Light. It's where they belong, and they can come back and visit as often as they want.
  I have a new ebook out, a scary dark paranormal! Stay tuned here for more information about it, but it is available already. Winter Prey, The cover was designed by the talented Angela Rogers, my paranormal investigator friend. Enjoy! But you might want to keep the lights on.

T. M.

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