Sunday, August 5, 2012

Flashlight Flickers

  If you'd told me a year ago I'd be chatting with a flashlight, I'd have helped you call the little men in the white coats. Even as long as I've been deep into the paranormal, I never had a hint something like this would occur. The things we find as we continue to prowl around in our haunts are always fun and new!
  This phenomena has been totally consistent, not just a one-time, odd incident. Counting back, we believe last night was the fifth time several of us had experienced this, and we don't believe it will be the last. Truth be told, and the real, honest truth, we talked with the entities at Goshen Cemetery again last night through some special twist-on flashlights we carry. Of all our communication devices, the ghosts and spirits seem to like these the best of all. They show us they are right there with us by turning on one or more of the flashlights on the ground at our feet. We ask questions, mostly ones with a yes or no answer, and they respond by turning on the light for a yes, leaving it dark for a no. We've used up to three flashlights at once, and sometimes we get responses on more than one at the same time. I'll be writing a lot more about this particular "hunting" trip, as well as this phenomena on other occasions, in upcoming diaries. I'll just hit a couple highlights here.
  First, of course, I'd like to tell you about my latest e-book. A reader sent me a Facebook message and wanted to know why she couldn't get Town Social, one of my sweet romances, for her Nook. Turned out, it was my fault! I hadn't checked the "distribute to Barnes and Noble" box at Smashwords, believing at the time I would upload directly there myself. Which I forgot to do when I got involved in finishing Dead Man Hand and the next volume of diaries. My bad! It's up now, and you can find it at: Enjoy!
  Now back to what you are probably reading this blog for: This past Friday night, August 3, was a perfect night to chase down some ghosts. I'd been promising my Psychic Development Class members to take them to Goshen when I felt they had progressed enough to be prepared for this cemetery. Goshen can hurt you if you aren't careful out there, and I'm vigilant about not taking friends into danger. But when they realized it would be Full Moon Friday, they pleaded with me to go that night. They'd done well with their class work, and I knew they would cooperate safety-wise, so I agreed. I didn't know until we had been at the cemetery for a while, and my friend Amanda mentioned it, that this August was also a Blue Moon month. There will be a second full moon on August 31. This, of course, makes both moons a special time to communicate across The Veil.
  As I say, I don't take any chances with Goshen. We did two protection meditations before we left the house. Since we had three greenhorns, who had nonetheless passed the requirements for me to include them, I also talked with everyone for a while, letting them know Goshen might not be a fun trip like Dry Creek. As a surprise to Angela, I told everyone that she and Timmy were to be considered my next in command, since Belle wouldn't be with us. Timmy has always considered himself a go-to for any problems, as he has been involved in the paranormal nearly as long as I have. The group understood they were to immediately go to Angela or Timmy if they had any problems and I wasn't close by.
  When we arrived at the cemetery, each and every one of us put on a protection packet. Knowing I would have a somewhat larger group than I usually take with me, I'd made up a dozen new packets. I put one on myself, then handed out packets to Angela and her mother and father, Gloria and Bryan. Timmy always carries his own packet, which I made for him ages ago, and I passed out packets to Sarah and Floyd, and their son, Isaac. Amanda also accompanied us this trip. This was a first-time experience for Bryan, Isaac and Amanda. They were all excited to be included, especially Isaac, since his birthday had been the previous day. He considered being accepted on the "hunt" as a late present. Goshen at night was also a first-timer for Sarah, Floyd, and Gloria. They'd been to other haunted locations, but not Goshen. Timmy, Angela and I would be keeping a close eye on the somewhat newer rookies to the paranormal world, keeping in mind we were all at that stage once ourselves.
  Friday's moon was gorgeous, what I sometimes call a harvest moon. It didn't rise until around nine-thirty. Well, it had to have risen a little before that, "snuck up on us," I guess, because by the time I noticed the new light falling on the cemetery, it was high off the horizon. We'd already had one great session with the flashlights, talking to two ghosts, one named Sam, the other Walter. We moved to a different area, and hardly even got a flicker, not even any attention to the ball Sarah had laid down. We did, however, find a nest of ants and walked through a sea of uncut grass, ending up with those nasty sharp prickle-burrs all over our socks and pant legs!
  We gathered our equipment and moved again. Right after we set up the flashlights and EMF meter again, I noticed the light in the western half of the graveyard. I glanced through the trees and saw that beautiful moon. How had we all missed it rising? We deserted the spirits and took some pictures and videos where we wouldn't be blocked by treetops.
  Our abandonment didn't seem to bother our spirits, who flashed the beams to show their presence as soon as we re-gathered around the equipment. This time, Jane came with the men. She was a bit shy, and when she turned on the flashlight, it didn't burn as brightly as for the men. In fact, Sam's communications lit up the beam the brightest. He seemed to have a crush on Amanda, since he said a couple times how pretty she was. Thus, I think he was showing off for her! She loved it when he actually answered her questions using the flashlight.
  In fact, everyone got responses to what they asked this night. The experienced investigators among us found that unusual, since previously, the spirits and ghosts would choose only one or two with whom to communicate. Full Moon Friday Night, they paid attention to each and every person in our group. Perhaps it was the full moon. Perhaps it was Goshen. When I asked everyone afterwards if they enjoyed themselves, each person answered with a resounding yes.
  I'll report more on the conversations we had in an upcoming diary. One thing that I made note of, however, was the lack of any EVP spikes, whether the meters were on the ground or being carried. I have no idea why this happened, since we've always had numerous EVP showings at Goshen. The lack of interest in the small ball was consistent with what we experienced at Dry Creek, though. We did catch a few temperature drops with the infrared thermometer, but only down to the low 70-degrees area. We've had those cold spots measure into the low 30's at Goshen before.
  So it was a different type of night. Nearly everyone saw a few things: misty movements and full-bodied shapes, and we felt vindicated when another person would confirm exactly what the one had seen. We only "talked" to three spirits and one ghost. The spirits were quite chatty, and I helped the ghost, a woman, cross over. The pretty full moon made it a nice walk for her!
  Hope my Nook readers enjoy Town Social. Dead Man Hand is rocking towards a great, explosive ending, I already have a few stories set to go for the next volume of diaries, and just have to pick and choose the rest out of a slew of possibilities.
  Take care, stay safe, and…
  T. M.

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