Saturday, August 11, 2012

Orbs or Dust?

  A great debate in the paranormal investigating community: Is there such a thing as an orb? Or are they all just dust specks or flying insects?   I'll admit, when I first started taking pictures in haunted places, I was totally excited to get "orbs." But with experience, I soon realized most of this was dust. In fact, I need to get my butt over to my web site and update it, deleting some of those photos there, although there is an orb or two in some. What I've found with certainty is that once we would walk through an area, then turn back and take a picture, the air would be full of "orbs." Nope, it was dust kicked up by our footsteps. I got out of my car once down at our deer camp immediately after I'd driven down the hot, dusty driveway and snapped a pic. Yep, full of round dust particles.
  But … what about the orbs we see with our own eyes? I have watched orbs playing around in trees, a pretty blue one comes to mind. I've seen them fly through the air, clear enough to know they aren't bugs. I've found orbs teasing around my feet, perhaps a passed-on pet. Sometimes they show up on film; most of the time they do not. Still, I'm in the faction that believes orbs are real, though rare and not easily distinguished as a ghost or sprit versus dust.
  Probably the most undisputed evidence I have of the reality of orbs came one night when a group of us were investigating a cemetery high on a hill overlooking Ft. Worth. Every one of us saw a green flash of light at the rear of the graveyard, and a couple saw the green ball of light. A moment later, headlights climbed up the road to the cemetery. A voice from a nearby tombstone said to those of us who have psychic hearing ability (which I do possess): Cops. The cops are coming.
  It darned sure was a cop! We identified his car when he pulled under the security light in the parking area. He was nice about it, though, when he found out we were ghost hunters. It seemed he also believed.
  "I'll tell you why I came up here," he said. "I didn't even know y'all were here. But I was driving past on the road below this hill when I glanced up and saw a bright green flash up here. Then this green ball of light took off into the sky. I thought kids were playing with fireworks, shooting off a Roman candle. But I only saw the one ball fly into the sky, and it didn't explode."
  An orb. Though not all members of our group had seen the ball of light, he had. We did all see the flash, which does accompany the appearance of an orb once in a while.
  There doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason as to whether they appear on a digital photo or a 35mm one. I've caught them on both my personal 35mm cameras and those little throwaways, as well as digital.
  During our drive home from Minnesota in June, I took a few pictures with a throwaway. I'd  purchased that camera when I forgot my digital on a trip to Houston and got called out on two investigations. I was just snapping to finish off the film so I could get my vacation pictures developed when we got home. Sis and doggie were sleeping in the back seat, and I turned around to get a shot. However, at that second, hub swerved into another lane and I wobbled. This is what showed up in that photo:

This is what showed up in the next picture about five seconds later, when the car smoothed out:

  Orbs in the first one? Since Sis is highly sensitive, I think some of them are. She was probably having a nasty dream and needed some protection from the bad visuals. Just my active writer's mind opinion, of course, which is what the bulk of the reasoning as to paranormal events boils down to: opinion.
  I found another photo on that roll of film that is interesting. It's from one of the Houston investigations. If you've read extensively about paranormal photos, you know sometimes things show up later in photos that were definitely not there when you first examined the picture. The mist on the left of the stairwell was not there when I picked up these photos at Wal-Mart One Hour. It's there now:

  As I mentioned to some folks recently, I can take hundreds of photos and never get a hint of anything paranormal. But something does show up now and then. To have two interesting photos on one roll of film, especially from a throwaway camera, is definitely something to blog about.
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  Happy shooting!
  T. M.

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