Sunday, August 19, 2012

Predicting the Paranormal - NOT!

  The longer I mess around in the paranormal world, the more certain I become we will never understand it, let alone predict it. Friday night, August 17, was another unpredictable night, and not a satisfying sample of paranormal activity.
  I'd venture to say I've been to Dry Creek Cemetery at least three dozen times, if not more. I've gone during the day and at night. I've been out there in all the moon phases. Never once have I experienced the same type of activity, so what made me think I could predict we'd have a fabulous "hunt?" Well, we'd been having great ones out there lately, except for that one ….
  Friday night the activity was nada. Nothing. Rather boring.
  We did see lots of flitting shapes and misty figures. A couple darker figures actually appeared here and there. That was cool in a way, since my Psychic Development Class folks were along and could practice their growing gifts. However, one of these days I'll learn not to get excited about an upcoming visit to a paranormal place or predict what will happen.
  What initially got me excited was a looming Aunt Belle visit. I'd known for a couple weeks when she would arrive, and those are always wonderful ghost hunts. Had been, anyway. Also, knowing ahead of time when she planned one of her monthly trips gave not only me, but other group members a chance to decide how to show off to our senior sensitive. All of us were eager to take her to Dry Creek, where we had been so successfully communicating with the ghosts and spirits. Let her see how we could ask them yes or no questions and they would turn on one of the flashlights on the ground in response. Or not turn it on, for a no. We had this on DVD already, from two other trips there. My "Ghostly April Fool's Parts One and Two" blogs document one of those. A clip from that "hunt" is on YouTube at: Aunt Belle watched the DVD's, and she, too, couldn't wait for dark to visit our favorite local haunt.
  We enthusiastically discussed what we just knew would happen. We always got great communication at Dry Creek. We always talked with a few of the same spirits, whom we were starting to consider friends. We thought they considered us friends in return. We couldn't wait to get a new DVD, this time with Belle chatting with our friendly ghosts. We enthused about how great it would be to have Aunt Belle's, Angela's and my abilities all combined this night. How it would be a great investigation.
  Pride goeth before a fall, and all that.
  The weather forecast forewarned of thunderstorms, full of winds, lightning and possible hail. It didn't appear, though, that these storms would reach us in time to ruin our ghost hunt. We should have remembered what happened a few weeks prior, when we ended up staying over at Dry Creek after dark in the face of looming storms. That night, the ghosts and spirits absolutely refused to "talk" to us via the flashlights. In fact, they hardly even materialized at all that evening.
  This Friday night, as we watched the lightning and thunder off in the distance, not one of the three flashlights on the ground flickered. The emf laid there, its one small light burning, mocking us. The new beach ball didn't move a scant inch. All we did was wipe sweat and watch the non-activity.
  Nada. Nothing. We begged, we pleaded, we said pretty please. We even turned the camera on, hoping they would be more inclined to appear and chat on film.
  Nada. Nothing.
  We saw lots of bats. The mist moved out of the woods, but from a different direction this visit. We heard a few names and phrases from the other dimensional entities. We watched numerous spirits play hide and seek with each other and totally ignore us, except once in a while, one of us would hear a giggle or snort of laughter. A few spirits slipped and mentioned their names, but I'd be willing to bet, given the overall lack of responsiveness to their visitors, they didn't mean for us to hear.
  We packed up and left after two hours. The storms didn't hit until early the next morning, just like they had never reached us that other trip when we didn't experience a bit of activity at Dry Creek. I haven't watched the video camera film yet. I suppose I will, even though I imagine it's a dud. There's always hope something will pop in. Examining evidence is one of those dreary parts of investigation, unless we make an infrequent catch.
  If there's any conclusion possible about this, it's never to plan a trip to Dry Creek with storms in the near vicinity.
  Or … never try to foretell how a paranormal investigation will go before we get there. Those pesky paranormals are totally unpredictable!
  I've been hard at work on Dead Man Hand and Ghost Hunting Diary Volume IV. I'm chasing a self-imposed deadline of the first week in September, as well as taking time out to hunt an illusive ghost now and then. In the meantime ….
  T. M.

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