Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pesky Alan Strikes Again

    I usually have a slow paranormal period around my house after Aunt Belle goes home from a visit. The ghosts romp and play for an entire week before she arrives, continue during the time she's here and, I assume, take a break to renew their energy after she leaves. I had quite a few sightings and interactions leading up to her arrival; not really anything since she left last Saturday. However, whenever I have a slow paranormal week here, I can always depend on my friend Angela's resident ghost, Alan, for a blog post. He pretty much behaves these days, at least when I'm over at Angela's house. I hear he can get a bit more troublesome when she's alone. However, I always use the threat of bringing back that "psychic bitch" who scares him (Aunt Belle) if he bothers me too much. So he's really just been a pesky tease lately.
   Angela did tell me that he was pouting the other day. Always interested in his antics, which I didn't think Alan knew (see below), I asked her what he had been doing. Seems there is a toy in her daughter's room that has a sound on it like a rooster crowing. Alan began making that rooster crow early every morning. At first, Angela didn't hear it. But her husband did. Then one morning, Angela caught the sound.
   "What is that?" she asked her husband.
   "I guess somebody around here's got some chickens. That darn rooster has been crowing every morning this week." Angela said he truly thought he had been hearing a real rooster.
   "This is the first morning I've heard it. They aren't allowed to have chickens here in our part of town."
   Later that day, she found the source: the toy. She disabled it so Alan couldn't turn it on again, thus the pouty ghost.
   We are having our Psychic Development Classes at Angela's house, so she doesn't have to have a babysitter. Her daughter naps in the afternoon while we meet. Last Friday, we were getting ready to do our end-of-class meditation, and I saw Alan, watching us from the kitchen.
   I mentally said: Behave yourself.
   He didn't answer, so I was somewhat on guard. This made it impossible for me to relax enough to go deep into my meditation. I was aware of Angela, sitting beside me, Amanda lying on the floor, and Floyd over on the loveseat. I continued to relax, hoping I'd find that wonderful place in my subconscious if I waited a while longer.
  Then Floyd started to snore. Well, that was all right; we'd heard him do that before.
   But I could also sense Alan prowling around the room, although he didn't come very close to me … at first. Floyd continued to snore; I sensed Alan a little closer, but didn't want to open my eyes.
   Then the couch shook! That opened my eyes, but I didn't want to bother the others, so I telepathically shouted : Gosh darn you, Alan! Behave! But I was laughing about him getting one over on me.
   Next, Angela burst out laughing loudly, and everyone came out of their meditation. I'd shut my eyes, but I reopened them. So did Floyd. Amanda popped up off the floor.
   "I couldn't help it," Angela said in between her chuckles.
   "I'm sorry," Floyd apologized, thinking she was laughing at him. "I tried, but I just drifted off."
   "No," I denied. "It wasn't you." Angela's laughter was contagious, and Amanda and I both joined in. Floyd just flushed with embarrassment.
   "Did you feel Alan shake the couch?" I asked Angela.
   "Yeah." She shook her head. "And it really wasn't you, Floyd."
  "Darn you, Alan!" I yelled aloud, but somewhat quietly so I wouldn't wake Angela's daughter.
   "Alan's the one who woke you, Floyd," Angela said. "First he came over here beside me and was acting like he was gonna poke me at my third eye. I told him to quit that. Then he moved over to Trana and acted like he was going to poke her on the nose."
   "That would have been a bad idea," I said in a warning tone.
   "That's what I told him," she said. "So I said, 'If you want to do something, go wake up Floyd,' and he did." Of course, since everyone was meditating, she and Alan were communicating telepathically, as we both can do with paranormal entities.
   "I thought I woke up because you two were laughing," Floyd said.
   "Nope," Angela told him. "It was Alan."
   It was so funny, and did release some tension and stress, as meditation is meant to do, that I decided not to threaten Alan too much. I did tell him he should remember being banished out by the mailbox for several days, if he decided to interfere with my classes too much. I imagine he could tell my heart wasn't in the threat, though. I kept giggling at his antics.
   We had another class this week, and as soon as I went in the door, I was anxious to tell Angela about writing this, my Saturday blog post. But guess who met me before I could say anything and crawled all over me, very clearly letting me know by his really strong energy that he was there? Yep, Alan. And he said: I already know what's in  your blog! You wrote about me.
   "Angela," I said through my laughs. "Your darn ghost has been over at my house. He was watching me write my blog."
   She said, "He does travel around." And we both shook our heads as I told her what was in the blog.
   Alan didn't dare mess with our meditation that day. He stayed away, perhaps because this was a very deep, soul travel meditation.
   However, now when I feel a ghost in my office, I won't know if it's Alan or my own Martha, who "lives" in this room. Once in a while another ghost will pop in, but not often. I'll have to stop and tune in if I want to figure out the identity of any paranormal visitor. Normally, I won't bother to do that, though. When I'm busy, I usually just flick my fingers at the pesky ghost and it has to leave.
   Angela has a blog herself, and she does great product reviews. She's honest with them, and will tell you if a product works; if not, why. Her Misadventures of a First Time Mom blog is very well worth a follow at: I may have told you she also designs my book covers. She's awesome with digital manipulation, so I can't brag about her enough. I can't wait to show off the Dead Man Hand cover, but so far, she's only teased me with glimpses. Which is fine, because she's an artist and we both understand what it means not to release our work until we ourselves are satisfied with it. The cover should be available for my next blog, though.
   I've been finishing up the newest set of true ghost stories: Ghost Hunting Diary Volume IV. I'm even dropping titles in the e-file for Volume V. So many tales, so little writing time. Dead Man Hand is just about ready to go, also, so I'm sure I'll meet my self-imposed deadline of having the two books up the first week in September. Can't wait to hear what y'all think of them!
   I've also noticed a doubling of the number of hits on my blog, so welcome to all the new readers! Hope I'm sufficiently scaring you. J
   In the meantime, happy hunting and ….
   T. M.

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