Saturday, September 1, 2012

Quiet Blue Moon Week

  Maybe the title is a lie, but only a white one. When I'm deep into writing or editing, I don't pay much mind to my paranormal boarders. At times, they'll pop in quite visually, I guess to try to get my attention. By now, they should be used to me just waving and going on about my business. I'm very close to meeting my own self-imposed deadline of getting two new books up: a new mystery, Dead Man Hand, and a new set of true ghosts stories, Ghost Hunting Diary Volume IV. So the ghosts around here will just have to wait!
  I will appease their desire for notice here in the weekly blog, only because I need something to write about. So let's see. What was I aware of this week?
  With Sis gone to visit her sons in Minnesota, I "pup-sat" her rescue pup, L'il Bit. Boy, did that doggie miss her mommy! I even slept in Sis's bedroom with Bit, but I'm just don't spoil her like Mommy does. And, again, I was covered up deep in book work, so I didn't spend a lot of time with her until bedtime. Anyway, even Sis can't decide if it's the ghosts or not who turn on her stereo at various times during the early morning hours. This is the bedroom where the Dead Time ghosts are extremely active, and the stereo woke me up at 2:15 a.m., 4:30 a.m., and 5:30 a.m. on three different nights. I slept in there seven nights, and it didn't turn itself on the other four nights. I'd have to venture on the side of ghost activity, or it would seem this would be consistent every night.
  Another night I woke up and clearly heard my husband in the bedroom with his computer on. He never bothers to turn down the sound, and even with the bathroom door to the hallway between the bedrooms closed, I could hear him listening to videos or newscasts. Too tired to haul myself out of bed and tell him to turn the sound down, I finally got back to sleep. Next day, I confronted him.
  "I was not up on that computer last night at all," he said. "So you couldn't have heard me."
  "Huh," I replied. "Guess the ghosts were on your laptop." I knew it wasn't the stereo, because it was too loud and coming from elsewhere.
  Twice this week I saw the "new" man here in the house, the one who wears a white shirt and is about six feet tall. Once he was over by the fireplace; once by the front door. I only waved at him in passing both times.
  Someone walked across the front porch while I was in my office digging through some papers. Since it was only a dark, male figure, like a shadow, I assumed it was a ghost. I checked anyway, but no one was anywhere on the porch or near it.
  I may have glimpsed some others but have forgotten in my nose-to-the-grindstone mode this week, probably about fourteen hours a day on the computer, except for errands. All in all, though, it's been a quiet Blue Moon week here at my home.
  And the moon was definitely gorgeous last night. At first, clouds from Isaac covered it, but they blew off and revealed a fantastic bright yellow moon. I didn't see any prowling ghosts while L'il Bit and I were taking our last trip "out" for the evening last night. If they were enjoying the moon, they kept themselves in their own dimension. Wonder if the Blue Moon shines over there?
  On something connected, people say a full moon makes some folks crazy. I agree. Today on the way to the airport to pick up Sis, we saw at least a half-dozen near misses on the freeway. Crazy or idiots, whichever, the people who speed in and out on busy freeways need to be taken off the road. The problem is, they usually hurt or kill someone else along with themselves. I also wish we would hurry and ban cell phone use in vehicles. My choice would be that all new cars be equipped with some sort of device to make cell phones inoperable whenever the engine is running and in gear. My husband asked me to add the "in gear" language. He says there might be a time when a person has pulled over and needs to leave the car in park and call for help. I guess so, in our hot Texas weather. Then you get into other situations when you might need assistance. What if someone is chasing a woman and she needs to call 9-1-1? Oh, I know. Only let the phone work for 9-1-1. Will that do?
  Have you ever noticed that you can actually tell if a person is on the phone when you are behind them? They weave all over the place, slow down, speed up. Heaven forbid you try to go around them; they are as likely to swerve into your lane as not. With today's dark car windows, we couldn't tell if the idiots who nearly caused accidents today were on phones or not. We were too busy avoiding being a part of their potential accidents.
  O.K., off my soapbox.
 As soon as the books are ready, I'll be shouting all over Facebook and Twitter to let y'all know. I'll upload the two covers with some buy links here, also, as soon as I get the links from the web sites.
  In the meantime, happy ghost hunting and ….
T. M.

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