Saturday, October 6, 2012

Do Ghosts Pee?

  What a start to the day! Hub calls it Simmons/Murphy Law. Some days are just like that.
  Hub didn't sleep much, and he gave up and got up around four a.m. By six a.m., he was ready to lie back down for a nap. Of course, that woke me. I sat on the side of the bed and stuck my foot in the Crocs I use for slippers.
  "What the heck?"
  The right one was wet, a puddle of water pooled in it! I already had my foot in, so gritted my teeth and walked into the bathroom to dry off and clean the shoe out. Now, you'd think one of my animals did a bad; if they get a mad on at you, cats are known for things like this. But there was no smell, and believe me, I would have smelled cat urine — or dog urine, for that matter. No color stained the tissue I wiped my foot and the shoe out with, either, so it was clear water.
  I took care of this, then went to my office and turned on the computer. I drank my coffee as I read email and woke up — not that the cold whatever in my slipper hadn't given me a good start to waking up already. A while later, I went back into the bedroom, headed for the bathroom again. I didn't turn on the light, because hub was asleep. I tripped over one of our darned black dogs lying on the floor! (Today I bought nightlights.)
  That's not all yet. Back in my office, my elderly cat wanted up in the chair with me. She lunged … and missed, as she does sometimes now. But her claws didn't miss. They dug into my tummy, all four of them on one paw. And they are still long and sharp! Ouch!
  Go ahead and laugh. I know you want to. It's funny to me, also, on hindsight. It wasn't so funny during the pain.
  So where did the title come from? I wanted to know what was in my slipper. After hub got up again, I went back in and turned on the light. I even took the heavy-duty flashlight over to my side of the bed. There was not a sign of any water. Whatever had peed, if it was pee, or poured water, if it was water, had done it completely in my shoe, without spilling a drop.
  Maybe one of my ghosts didn't make it to the bathroom? Maybe one of my paranormal residents deliberately spilled some water to get my attention or as a joke? Your guess is as good as mine. It's been an interesting day, and that isn't all of it yet. As I sat griping to a friend in email about my horrible morning, Martha, the ghost who stays here in my office, came over. She started stroking my forehead and hair. I heard someone say, There, there, darling. That helped a lot, and the stress started alleviating immediately. That I know for certain was paranormal.
  The rest of my week was spent getting Dragon's Dishonor finished and up for sale. I love the way the story came out. I knew the beginning and the ending when the idea came to me. However, writing the rest was a lot of fun. Also, the cover Angela did is one an author would die for.
  I always try to do a short story for Halloween and Christmas, and I think y'all will like this one. Don't expect a book, though. As I say, it's a short story, about sixteen thousand words.

  It's up already up for sale at several sites:
BN: http://tiny.ccpbhqlw
  Keep an eye out for ghosts the rest of the month. The Veil gets thinner and thinner the closer we get to Halloween.
  T. M.

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