Sunday, October 14, 2012

Do Ghosts Go Visiting?

  Anyone who follows my blog or reads my true ghost stories already knows my answer is Yes.       In "Crossing Over" in Ghost Hunting Diary Volume I, a woman called us to look into things happening in her rental house, after she had moved to Texas from the Boston area. We found two ghosts in the house and helped both cross over. One of them, however, told us, prior to entering into The Light, that she had come to Texas along with this woman. The ghost went on to relate a story about her life a hundred years earlier, in the Boston-area house the woman's parents now occupy. After we concluded our investigation, her parents found actual proof of this ghost's life and her story. So far, that's the farthest distance a ghost I've actually met has travelled.
  Before I get into more about my title, though, I've been saving another interesting incident for my blog. We usually meet at my friend and fellow investigator Angela's house for the psychic development classes I teach on most Fridays. We initially met there a couple weeks ago, but Angela ended up having to take her daughter to the doctor. Sarah and I were the only other two class members who had made it that particular day, so we came on over to my house. We settled in the living room, on either side of the fireplace. We were again practicing meditation and soul travelling, and Sarah had continued to have a bit of a problem letting go to look around "out there." Until this class, anyway.
  What happened excited me as much as her.
  We don't communicate during the meditation/travelling, so when we concluded, I asked her, "Well? How did it go this time?"
  Instead of answering me directly, Sarah asked, "Do you have an older little lady ghost in your kitchen?"
  "As a matter of fact, I do," I said. "Did you see her?"
  "I did," she said. "I was able to at least let go and travel that far, into the next room. I saw her standing there, and I tried to touch her. But as soon as I did that, she disappeared."
  "What did she look like?" I asked, not because I didn't believe her. Sarah has been expanding her abilities very well the past few weeks. Rather, I wanted to get confirmation for both her and me as to whether she had seen one of my residents.
  "She was short and rather pudgy," Sarah said, and I nodded in agreement.
  I got up and said, "Let's go on into the kitchen."
  We did, and I asked, "Where was she?"
  "Over by your dishwasher," she said, pointing.
  "That's where she usually visualizes," I said. "But she travels around the kitchen when Sis and I are cooking or baking. She wears a full apron and has her hair in a bun."
  "Yes!" Sarah said excitedly. "And her hair is gray."
  "Yes, you saw her. There's no doubt," I concurred, and we were both really satisfied with that day's lesson.
  Back to the title question:
  Angela has been recovering from knee surgery the past week or so, and her recovery will be ongoing for quite a while. Therefore, her daughter gets to visit with Grandma, and Angela's husband took time off to help out. That leaves her resident ghost, Alan, at loose ends and without the attention he usually gets.
  "Is Alan at home?" Grandma asked when she called Angela one morning.
  "I haven't seen him for a while," Angela replied. "Why are you asking?"
  "Because I think he's over here. Someone keeps waking us up at night. They're pulling on the covers at the foot of our bed!"
  "What do you mean?"
  "Just that. I feel someone jerking on the covers down there. I wake up, but my granddaughter is sound asleep in her bed. There's no one else around, so it's got to be Alan. I thought he might be lonesome."
  "It's probably him."
  "But I just wasn't sure that ghosts were able to go visiting."
  "Oh, Alan visits all the time," Angela said. "He does go over to your house. And lately, he's been going over to Trana's pretty often."
  "Why is he going over to her house?"
  "We think that's where his girlfriend is."
  And the tales of Alan go on and on. Yes, he's been dropping by here more often lately. One day this week, I was wondering how I was going to squeeze in time to do my blog. I felt Alan here in my office, and he said: That's what I came by for, to see if you were working on it yet.
  Not yet, I told him. I don't even know what it's going to be about this week.
  Huh. I'll check back later.
  Off he went to wherever Alan hangs out. He's been around here enough to know I don't pay much mind to interruptive ghosts when I'm busy, and he knew he wouldn't get the attention he was seeking from me.
  I went over to visit Angela today, which is where I heard the Grandma story. While there, I was telling her how visible my ghostly boarders had been this past week. They get that way when Aunt Belle is coming for a visit, and I've been seeing full-bodied apparitions all week long. I rather expected this, also, due to The Veil continuing to thin as the month of October passes by.
  "Howard has been really visible," I told Angela. "I've seen him a half-dozen times this week."
  "He's been over here," she said.
  "You mean Howard's been visiting, too?" I asked, a bit astonished.
  "Uh huh," she said. "You know how we get those intuitive feelings?"
  "I was having trouble wrapping my leg the other morning. Someone helped me, and I sensed it was Howard. He's the only ghost I know who has that type of knowledge."
  Since Howard was a doctor in life, I agreed with her. It was also very interesting to me to find out that Howard was roaming around like that.
  I never get bored in my haunted house. If I start feeling that way, one of my paranormal boarders will usually entertain me.
  What kept me busy this week, however, was trying to get a few of my books uploaded to Kobo, for readers to download to the Kobo e-readers. I'd previously distributed to Kobo through Smashwords, but turned out there's a recent conflict between those two e-publishers, which makes it more prudent to upload directly. Four books sat there languishing for over a week, so I was continuously checking them and exchanging emails with Kobo. Finally, the books made it onto the Kobo site and are starting to sell. Though Kobo is a Canadian company, they sell our e-books all over the world, so it's exciting watching those sales. After we got the bugs worked out, I even uploaded my new short story, Dragon's Dishonor.
  Here are the url's for the direct uploads to Kobo, although the rest of my books are still available for the Kobo e-reader through Smashwords:
Dead Man Hand:
Ghost Hunting Diary Volume IV:
Winter Prey:
Dragon's Dishonor:
Plus one romance, Town Social:
  These five are also still available for Kindle and Nook, as well as other e-readers.
  I hope you are getting as excited about Halloween as I am. We're trying to plan a ghost hunt during the full moon near the end of the month. If nothing else pops up, we will go out to Dry Creek. I can't wait to see if we're able to "flashlight communicate" again.
  T. M.

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