Saturday, October 20, 2012

Do Our Pets Have Souls?

 Anyone who knows me wouldn't have to guess at that answer as far as my own beliefs go. It's a resounding Yes! I've lost a lot of beloved pets over the years, and yes, I've seen them, or their spirits, afterwards. When anyone contacts me about their own experience concerning a possible sighting of a crossed over pet, I tell them their eyes did not deceive them.
  A while back, I got an email from my friend Carl. He and his wife, Judie, own the horse farm where Angela and I cast out the demon ("Carl's Country Farm," Ghost Hunting Diary Volume III). He gave me permission to tell y'all about this new-to-him experience in my blog.
  "Hi," he wrote. "A while ago I was in my office writing. When I got up to leave, I looked out my window and there, as clear as day, I saw my little cat Morris sitting by the golf cart, as he used to, waiting for me so he could ride. I looked again and he was gone. ???? Morris died late last year."
  I told him yes, he had seen his little Morris. His cat had come back in spirit to visit.
  There's a beautiful poem called "Rainbow Bridge," which I really love. I'm looking forward to the Rainbow Bridge when I cross over, so I can be reunited with all my beloved pets. It's always, always hard to lose one, even knowing I will see them again either here or over there. Still, it's comfort to know about the Rainbow Bridge.
  Carl mentioned he was in his office writing. He's an awesome writer! I don't usually read sci-fi, but Carl has a way of writing it that draws me in and keeps me on the edge of my seat. He's great at suspense. He's going to have a book out soon called The Wormhole Project. It's the first book of his planned trilogy, and our writer's group is already privy to the beginning of the next book, MPI, The Mineral Planet . I'll let y'all know when The Wormhole Project hits the ebook-shelves!
  Hope you are enjoying my Halloween story, Dragon's Dishonor. I'm still doing clean-up work from having my nose buried in writing for the last few months. My Yankee sister Sally and her husband Chuck are coming down for New Years. Even though they're coming to see us, not my house, I'm anal enough to want the house to look nice. Besides, it's good incentive to get a lot of things done that have been languishing. Plus, it's a cool excuse to go shopping for new stuff. J
  However, I do have a couple new stories for Volume V already started. My Muse is a demanding bastard sometimes. He won't let me alone until I at least get a few sentences down so he and I don't lose some great thoughts about a story. These are both on the dark side, and it's rather interesting to me how Mr. Muse works. I thought Dragon's Dishonor was going to be a dark story. But no matter how hard I tried, it turned out cute and uplifting. Well, I did keep the surprise ending, which no one has so far guessed. But after that, Muse turned to a couple dark paranormal incidents we needed to write. As long as I humor him, though, the stories keep flowing from my fingertips.
  Have a fantastic Halloween. We don't have many kiddos at our house. So I'm hoping to spend the evening over at my friend Angela's house, passing out candy to all the cute little Trick 'n Treaters — if she's able to navigate after her knee surgery. Knowing Angela, she will be right there, sitting on a chair and handing out goodies. She's already handling her blog from her phone, since she's recovering at her mother's and doesn't have a computer available. She's a very admirable lady. (Update: She got a laptop to use, so she's back on line in a better mode!)
  For my Wiccan friends, Happy Samhain.
  T. M.


  1. I have 'seen' and 'heard' several of my pets after they have passed....and I too cannot wait to meet up with my pack again after I too cross the Rainbow Bridge....and what comforts me is knowing that they are all there waiting and playing together....

  2. I imagine we will have a bunch of them running up to us, Danielle. It will be such a fun time.


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