Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ghost Week in Review

  Before I mention the exciting news I got this week, I thought I'd recap a typical week here at the Simmons house as far as paranormal incidents go.
  Let's start with last Sunday. Remember Roy the ghost? The one who loved to move things and play tricks? The ghost I finally took time to cross over after he messed with hub's medicine? Well, either his son or brother or someone similar seems to have dropped in. The Sunday find was my kitchen timer. I bring it into my office sometimes when I'm cooking, since I tend to get engrossed in something (like writing this blog) and forget time passing. Yes, I've burned up a pan or two and more than once, some baking if I forget to set the timer. I keep it on top of the microwave when not in use. Sunday, it was in the seat of one of the dining room chairs, hidden by the tablecloth hanging down over it. The microwave is at least twenty-five feet from the chair.
  Monday, my friend Katrina came out to re-consecrate my protections, the things I use when I run into something nasty. For two days prior, I had been looking for one of the DVD's of our October 30, 2013 investigation at Dry Creek to show Katrina while she visited. It was nowhere to be found. I even looked through a stack of DVD's on the table beside my computer desk. Twice. So I tried to make a new copy, since I still had the original tape. It refused to copy onto the DVD from the tape, although I did it exactly right. Twice. While Katrina was here, my house was awesomely full of power. After she left, I tried to make the copy again. No problem. It worked on the first try.
  Tuesday I walked in from getting the morning mail and saw a man standing over by the fireplace in the living room. In the glance I had, it looked like Juan, wearing his white shirt. I waved and carried the mail on to the dining room table to go through. Later that evening, I got a call from a local group, asking me to join them on a private home investigation. So I went along on that and chatted with some ghosts. I also crossed over six lost souls.
  Wednesday, I walked into the bedroom for some reason. A man stood back in the corner of the room, beside the master bath door. I waved and said "Hi, Howard," since that's who it looked like. Then went about my business.
  Thursday, I was getting ready to teach my class on Psychic Development the next day. For some reason, I went through that stack of DVD's in my office again. There was the October 30 DVD! I now have two copies.
  Friday, I found a comb in my bathroom, one that had been missing for several days. I'd taken everything out of that drawer and couldn't find the pink comb I like. So I had to use a different one most of that week. When I opened the drawer Friday morning, there was my pink comb, lying right on top of all the other mess in that drawer.
  This morning, Saturday, I saw another man standing in my bedroom when I first woke up. I only glimpsed him briefly, so I'm not sure who he was. He was a full-bodied, dark gray shape and stayed visual in that manner for approximately three seconds.
  My exciting news? For several years, Aunt Belle and I have been fascinated by an old hotel in a town further over in East Texas from where I live. The hotel was built in 1892, burned in 1925, and rebuilt in 1928. It's a block off the town's main street, and a railroad track runs along that street in the town. At one time, they were restoring the hotel, and Aunt Belle and I had plans to be one of their first customers when they opened. However, the finances didn't materialize for the then-owner to continue the remodeling. A few months ago, the people who had once remodeled another famous East Texas haunted hotel bought this other one. They want me and my Supernatural Researchers of Texas (SRT) group of paranormal investigators to do an overnight stay and see what we can verify as to supernatural events there.
  It's way cool for another reason. Although I've done slews of investigations over the twenty-plus years I've been chasing ghosts, this will be the first major investigation for SRT. They've been studying and developing for well over a year now, and we've done lots of other ghost hunts, as well as several house cleansings. We turned down one investigation that didn't suit us, so we're pretty excited about this one. We also managed to choose a night when the entire core group will be able to make it: moi, Aunt Belle, Angela, Timmy, Floyd, Sarah and Amanda. Should it work out, we might have a couple other members go along.
  Since the hotel is currently under construction, with a hoped-for September 2013 opening date, we're fairly certain we'll encounter some ghosts. Remodeling always stirs up any supernatural entities living there, and there are stories about ghosts in this building. We should be able to give the new owners evidence to use in their advertising, since numerous folks love to stay in haunted hotels. We'll be posting the information about this haunted hotel soon, and give you contact information to keep apprised of the developments and when reservations open up. And, of course, we're totally excited about being the first group to explore the supernatural in this historic old hotel.
  I'll have Volume V ready to go, but I want this investigation in it. So don't look for that new set of diaries until sometime later in April. In the meantime, we're going to be having fun chasing some new ghosts we haven't met yet!
  T. M.

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