Saturday, March 23, 2013

Raggedy Ann & Dry Creek

There's an old, lonely little headstone in historical Dry Creek Cemetery, a graveyard I visit often. It marks the resting place of a small child named Edna. She's not there any longer, of course, but she did linger a while after she died. One night she was among the several ghosts who asked me to help them cross over, along with another little girl named Rebecca. We nicknamed Rebecca the Little Girl in Blue, since she always appeared in a blue dress. Now, both little girls come back as spirits now and then and chat with us. And boy, are they so much happier. They haven't once appeared crying, as they did before.
Last Monday night, Sarah and Floyd, two of my SRT members, accompanied me to Dry Creek. We went for two reasons: one, for them to meet a couple of young men I'd been visiting with from another local paranormal group: Armando and James from Lonestar Paranormal. Two, to see if Raggedy Ann, my new trigger object doll, would work any better than she had when we first took her out to this cemetery. That first time, Annie indicated clearly she preferred to show off her stuff to younger folks. I thought maybe it was because she was just a total flirt, since she only flashed her lights at some nice, polite teenage boys on that trip.
Monday, she showed us she liked the company of little girls, also. She flashed the lights in her head and hands prettily for Edna and Rebecca. The other spirits out there, our normal bunch of adult friends, only communicated through our flashlights, as before. Mr. Jim once told me, "We don't play with toys, and we aren't trained clowns."
We always enjoy Dry Creek. Well, once in a while something ticks me off. After all, I'm still human. This time, a female member of the other group kept snapping her camera off right in our eyes, with no warning. She was told once verbally not to do that, and twice we indicated our displeasure in other ways when she did it again and again.
"Oops," was her insincere answer the third time she blinded us.
I won't be interacting with this woman again. And I won't be rude enough in here to tell you what I would have liked to have done with that camera the third time she rendered my friend Floyd unable to see any of the ghosts and spirits we'd been enjoying that evening.
We're deep into plans for our overnight investigation at the old hotel in a small East Texas town. The town is quite historical itself, and I sense there are lots of other ghosts in some of these mid-to-late1800's buildings. Perhaps we'll prowl around some others after we spend our night at the hotel.
In between all this, I've got Ghost Hunting Diary Volume V nearly ready to go. We'll also have a blog for SRT up and running by the time the book comes out (after I include the old hotel investigation). We'll post some pictures there to accompany the stories, and perhaps some here on my personal blog. People have been known to put pictures in their e-books, but right now, that's beyond my ability. I don't really have time to stop and learn, either. So we'll interact photo-wise in the blogs.
Hope our beautiful weather works its way north to all of my readers and friends there. I also wish my readers and friends from other countries warm weather and cozy breezes carrying flower scents.
Oh, and also ….
T. M.

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