Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cleansing a Private Home

Sometimes I wonder if people who live in houses they eventually find out they're sharing with troublesome paranormal beings ever realize how many ghosts are hanging around. This is especially true if the home has never had an in-depth, thorough cleansing. It takes a lot out of me, and my SRT crew members, also, to go in a place like this and do a good job. Talk about being "dead-ass" tired!
This was the case last week. The homeowner was totally traumatized and extremely fearful of what was going on. She'd tried to cleanse herself with sage, etc., and it hadn't worked. There were knocks, footsteps, kitchen cabinets slamming and other kitchen items sounding like they were moving around or being tossed here and there. The worst was a ball of energy that kept coming back when she was in bed, paralyzing her.
The entities were feeding off her fear, which was growing daily until I could clear my schedule and get up there. By then, the place was totally inundated.
On a side note, another thing I ran across during this situation ticked me off. Some other "supposed" paranormal team more or less shoved their way in to "investigate" the house. From what I could find out, this was a fairly "newbie" group. They tried to make the homeowner sign a four-page contract assuring no other paranormal team would come in until they were done "investigating," and "mess up their investigation." The homeowner didn't fall for it and sent them packing. However, I just wonder how many other people this team has treated like this. If anyone else encounters this, my advice is to say: "Leave me a copy of the 'contract.' I'll have my attorney look it over and get back to you." Sheesh and double sheesh.
Anyway, back to our SRT trip, about an hour and a half from my own home.
My cleansings are different from an investigation. We usually have fun amidst the seriousness during an investigation. A cleansing is totally serious; there's nothing fun at all about it. We're there to send the troublesome ghosts either into The Light or banish them from the property, so they can't continue to upset and scare the homeowner. We're there to leave peace behind.
I met two of my SRT team members there: Sarah and Floyd. They made me very proud of them. But then, my entire team is turning into the best paranormal investigators I've ever worked with. They're caring and respectful, responsible and seriously compassionate about the lost souls we deal with. I couldn't ask for any better teammates.
We accomplished our goal of peace at this home, and I didn't even try to count the number of ghosts we crossed over until the house was ghost-free. There were a couple interesting ghosts who stood out, though.
The homeowner had found a large red teddy bear and brought it home. She had a feeling herself that something just wasn't "right" about the bear. Sarah found a child attached to the bear, a child who had died from a disease. Of all the crossovers we did that day, this one gave us the most satisfaction.
There was a bench against one window. It had drawn me on my initial walk-through, and I'd already used some holy water on it. When Sarah arrived, she looked at it and remarked: "That used to be a bed. The headboard is the back of the bench. Someone made the bench from the headboard."
I could see immediately she was right. Sarah also felt a woman had died in childbirth in that bed. I sat for a minute and got the information this had happened in the 1950's. With our help, the woman severed her attachment to that bed and crossed into The Light.
When we were nearly done with the cleansing, my Lonestar Paranormal friends, James and Armando, arrived with another one of their team members. They quietly observed the rest of the ceremony, and after we did some further work outside the house, SRT left. From what I understand, Lonestar confirmed the peacefulness of the home after our departure. I also called the homeowner a couple days later. She was like a different person: calm and happy and very grateful for what we had done.
I do so enjoy using my gifts to help others, people living their lives now or lost souls who are trapped here.
I've been watching Dead Man Talking climb the charts at Amazon this week. Thanks so much to everyone who went out and got the book, as well as my friends and fans who helped spread the word. I'm still on track to get the next volume of true ghost stories up by the first part of May, working hard. In the meantime, if you missed Dead Man Talking, I only set the price up to $.99 to introduce folks to my Dead Man Mystery Series. So you can still grab a copy for that price. I'll get it back on Nook and elsewhere as soon as my Amazon ninety days expires on May 24. However, you can still get Dead Man Haunt, my naked ghost story, and Dead Man Hand, the wild west shoot-em-up, for all e-book devices.

Enjoy! And….
T. M.

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