Saturday, June 15, 2013

White Light Importance

  "Weird Things Happening" the email read. It was from Angela, my friend and co-lead investigator of SRT. Something had once again slipped into her house, and it wasn't a friendly.
  I emailed back, then decided to call.
  "Well," she said. "I know nothing's coming through the portal we sealed off. But I was standing at the sink a while ago, and you know how we get that feeling?"
  Boy, do I know, and I said, "Yeah."
  "Then I heard these footsteps behind me, rushing at me!" she said. "Scared the crap out of me, and I actually let out a yell and turned, my arms up to protect myself."
  "And?" I prodded when she didn't go on.
  "Nothing there," she said. I could hear the tension in her voice. "Plus my daughter came running into the kitchen and asked, 'Are you all right, Mommy?' I reassured her, but there was something there. I've been feeling it for a few days, and I'd started to get the sensation that it wasn't that friendly. You know I don't scare easy, but this thing did frighten me."
  "I can come over tomorrow morning," I said.
  I did, and we did a thorough cleansing. When I checked with her later, she assured me things were calm and peaceful.
  Too bad that I had recalled on my way home — truly like someone had reminded me — I'd forgotten to do White Light before I left her house. Turned out I made a huge mistake.
  I started sensing something nasty in my own home pretty much immediately. Even my animals reacted to it. My Doberman began acting restless and bothered, pacing back and forth and not wanting me to be alone anywhere in the house. She followed me and stayed near constantly. The cats began hiding in small, dark spaces they crept into, only coming out when I called them for treats. Then they would retreat and it would be difficult to find them.
  I called Angela to help me do a cleansing here, but I'd forgotten she was packing to leave for a week. I thought I'd go ahead and cleanse alone, but then I heard footsteps outside my door while I was working in my office. I assumed it was my husband, and glanced up to see what he wanted….
  A tall, very large man stood in my doorway. When I see something like this, I usually immediately get a sensation of whether or not it's friendly. This man was not.
  "Get the hell out of here!" I yelled at him, forgetting Sis had told me not to curse at these things. He disappeared.
  I started talking out loud, telling him he wasn't welcome here, that I wanted him out of my house. I even looked east out my office window and opened a door. Still, I was aware he didn't go. So I emailed a couple other crew members and Amanda and Floyd agreed to stay after our class on Friday and help me do a deep cleansing. Which we did, and now my house is peaceful again, as are the animals. It's amazing what a change there is after a serious cleansing, especially when you have the assistance of people who also have gifts and are sincerely studying and respecting the other dimension.
  When we mess around in the paranormal, we need to do periodic cleansings in our homes. In fact, even when those who aren't involved in the same things we are can end up with negative energy in their homes. I can't tell you how many times I've walked into somewhere I've been asked to investigate or cleanse and found such a heavy atmosphere, it's hard to stay.
  And the importance of doing the White Light Ceremony can't be stressed enough. I should know by now, but I'm still human and my memory leaks once in a while. Whatever we ran off over at Angela's followed me home, and this wouldn't have happened had I remembered to do White Light.
  You see, even us pros can have encounters that make us apprehensive. We've learned to be careful, very careful, from experience, sometimes from mistakes we make ourselves.
  I'm continuing to write, but there won't be anything new for a while. Well, except I will be putting up a "book of my blogs" next month. Perhaps two, since there are quite a few blogs to include, over eighty, I believe. First Angela has to have time to do some covers for the manuscripts that are nearly ready to format.
  I also need to come up with a title (or two). What do you think of A Year with Dead Folks? Or maybe A Year with Dead People. Think either one would grab your attention if you saw it for sale with one of Angela's dynamite covers?
  In the meantime, I'll continue to work on the new books. I've also just sent out an email to my SRT crew, seeing if we can set something up for the Super Moon on June 23. I think this would be an awesome time to hunt up a few ghosts.
  If you also head out under that Super Moon, stay safe!
  T. M.


  1. Hi Ms. Trana! I have been reading your ghost hunting diaries (awesome by the way), which is where I first learned of the importance of performing a White Light Ceremony. I am planning a little ghost hunt of my own at a reputedly haunted location that is very near to my home, and I'm very concerned about an unwelcome entity hitching a ride back with me. Are there any sources you could point me toward which explain how to perform this ceremony? I can't seem to find anything on the interwebs. Any guidance you could provide would be much appreciated!!

    1. I am so sorry google messed up my comments and I just now saw this. I feel it's very important to have protection when you do anything regarding the paranormal. I'll put spelling out the White Light Ceremony on my to-do list in one of the upcoming volumes of stories. However, there are a few people you can google and see if they have any information already available: Dave Juliana, The Ghost Hunter Story; James Van Praagh, Pete Sanders, Jr.


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