Sunday, July 28, 2013

Another New Ghost and New Book

The first hint I had was this bright blue shirt. We're not talking any normal color blue. This was shining bright, no mistaking there was a man wearing it. The first couple times, though, I only saw the shirt.
A long while back, I decided not to be bothered by the ghosts that kept showing up here in my house. Some I found out over time were fairly permanent residents. Others were transients passing through, on their way to wherever ghosts travel to. Some came because there was a welcoming, accepting atmosphere here in my home. I didn't judge them. I didn't scream and yell at them to begone … unless they caused trouble. Then I made sure they were out of here one way or another.
At first, I had no idea why or how some of them ended up crossing on into The Light. I finally decided I had this gift of being able to help them all along, although perhaps it was working in my subconscious.
I recall the two mischievous kids who were here for a couple years. One night I attended a Circle led by John Cappello. He actually centered me out and said, "There are two little kids with you. Did you know that?"
"I didn't know they came with me," I said. "But it has to be Rick and Shannon. They are a couple ghosts at my house."
He gave me a stern look. "You need to let them cross over."
I frowned. "I didn't realize I was holding them here. But they can cross anytime they wish. They belong over there."
"Yes, they do," he said, then continued on with the circle.
On the way home that evening, about a 45 minute drive, I felt this ping in my chest. That's about the only way I can describe it, a distinct ping.
Rick and Shannon crossed over, I heard in my mind. I think my cats were relieved, because these two kids would tease them mercilessly sometimes. After that, I never woke up with two kids giggling and tugging on my bed sheet, although once in a while I would glimpse them when they came returned in spirit for a visit.
Back to the blue-shirted ghost, he showed up during a time when, again, I was too busy to sit down and visit with him. We'd had a major disaster in our bathroom, which necessitated hub and son tearing out the tub and floor, as well as finding materials at a decent price to repair everything. I was trying to get the new book up, and Aunt Belle was coming for a visit.
I did start seeing blue-shirt more clearly during these glimpses, but he seemed a bit shy. Good enough, since I didn't have a lot of ghost visit time. Over the week or so that I kept catching brief sights of him, though, I came to identify him a bit better. He was in his late-20's or early 30's. Built rather nicely, brown hair, not overly tall, perhaps 5'10".
When Aunt Belle gets here, we'll find out who he is, I told myself.
Her first day here, I walked back into the living room just as she said, "Well, hello!"
"Who are you talking to?" I asked.
"A man just walked into your office. I just said hello to him, but he didn't answer back."
"Was he wearing a blue shirt?"
"Why, yes," she said. "Have you seen him?"
"He's the new guy," I told her. "Maybe we'll find out more about him while you're here. I don't even know his name yet."
She saw him a couple more time over the next couple days, and we talked about him whenever we sighted him, but he continued to be reluctant to chat in return. At one point, we discussed possible people we knew who had crossed over wearing blue shirts, people we determined this ghost was not. "That shirt he wears is a really bright. Almost florescent," Belle said then, and I agreed.
Then the second night of her visit, we were watching TV. A man leaned over the back of the couch and blew in my ear.
"I think our new ghost is ready to get friendly," I said. "He just blew in my ear."
She glanced over at me, then up behind the couch and laughed.
"And I'm getting the name Jason," I said, "but that doesn't seem exactly right." I listened a bit more, then nodded. "His name is Jace. J-A-C-E."
So we have a name for him now. We'll see how it goes. I think he wants to cross over, so maybe I'll get time to open the door soon.
In the meantime, I got the book of my 2012 blogs up this week. Living With Dead Folks, Volume One has all the interesting blogs from the inception of my blog through 2012. A behind-the-scenes tidbit: That's me on the cover, in my office, and that's Angela's resident ghost, Alan, waving. The cover was Angela's idea and Alan actually helped her find the perfect silhouette for himself. He's got such an ego!
So far, the new book is available a few places, and on it's way to the rest of the internet e-book sales sites:

Enjoy the read and I'll keep an eye out to see when it starts popping up elsewhere for your ereaders.
T. M.


  1. I love to read about you and Aunt Belle and your ghost-hunting adventures. Keep em' coming!


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