Saturday, August 17, 2013

Quiet Week - Mostly

      It's never a full week around here with nothing paranormal happening. This week was close to it, although I glimpsed blue shirt man once or twice and Howard a couple times.
I guess the most interesting incident was Thursday in the kitchen. I was standing there making a sandwich for lunch, and I could "feel" someone with me. I ignored whoever it was, as I'm prone to do when I'm busy. Otherwise, I'd spend too much of my time around here talking to ghosts.
I heard hub walk in through the dining room. He halted in the kitchen doorway, and immediately I felt the presence in there grow stronger.
"There's a ghost in here," I said over my shoulder to warn him. He doesn't feel or see our paranormal boarders that often, but he does now and then.
Suddenly he said, "Brrrrr. Why is it so cold in here?"
"That's not the a/c," I told him. "That ghost just came over to you."
"Well, my back's cold as hell. Tell it to leave me alone."
"Scat," I said, flipping my fingers over my shoulder. It must have left, because hub quit complaining.
I didn't bother to tell him that Hell wouldn't be cold.
I do expect a lot more activity this coming week. Aunt Belle arrives again on Thursday! Whoopee! We plan to take Anna Lee out Thursday night to let her show Aunt Belle her stuff. Not a huge, formal investigation, just a fun trip to chat with some ghosts and spirits. Not scary at all … we hope. Then again, knowing the two of us, we don't mind a scare at all. <grin>
I think I've come up with a name for my annual Halloween book: Monsters Among Us. Let me know if that strikes y'all, or if I should think some more. I discovered some really cool cover stock, and Angela found this absolutely perfect model for my female protagonist, Faytareena. Angela's not ready to start on my cover yet, since she's got a lot going on right now. However, we're getting ideas together when we can.
The coming week, you'll probably see my romance, Montana Surrender, various places that advertise e-books. I've rather neglected my romances because the ghost books are so much more fun. But I've priced Montana Surrender at $.99 for a while. It's a cool western romance, with a bad-boy outlaw (or is he an outlaw?) and a tomboy heroine. It was my second published romance, and be forewarned, it has some love scenes. Still, it's as much about the story as the romance. Below are a few of the places where it's on sale. I believe in getting my books out for all of my readers, since I've heard from around the world from them.


Hope you like the book, if you decide to give it a try. Thanks so much, also, for all the purchases of Living With Dead Folks and the neat reviews so far. This morning, it was #11 in Parapsychology at Kindle, and #20 in Supernatural. Way cool!
T. M.

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