Saturday, August 24, 2013

Aunt Belle Visit

I started writing this on Wednesday, and you might not be reading it until Sunday, since that's when Aunt Belle will be leaving for home. However, I'm trying for a Saturday upload. As of right now, I'm planning to just relax and, hopefully, take some of the stress away. All this week, I've been saying to myself, "Calgone, take me away!" Calgone being Aunt Belle, of course. If you're too young to remember those commercials, they were really cool ads about a bath oil to use when you wanted to unwind. Aunt Belle's visits are Calgone breaks for me. I even cancel my Psychic Development Class when she comes.
This week I've gotten very little writing done (but some!) due to a collapsed floor in the master bath, which hub and son are working on as they can find time and energy. On top of that, plumbing problems appeared in the kitchen. The plumber got rid of the clog, but hub is having to take care of some leaks in the pipes under the sink <sigh>. The faucet in the Molly Belle Suite, where Aunt Belle stays, has been leaking for a while. It got worse, and now Aunt Belle won't have any hot water unless she turns it on down below, until hub can get that fixed, too.
Hub would have had a lot more done, but he hurt his toe … working on one of the projects, natch. He dropped the corner of a piece of plywood on his right big toe. Then he re-hurt it the next day. We ended up with an  unplanned trip to the doctor on Wednesday, when his toe got pretty angry. Two shots and a prescription later, he slowly tried to get back to work. On Friday, in the middle of my supposed stress-free time, we made another doctor trip, since the toe "got angry" again.
It's not all writing and ghost hunting around the Simmons Haunted House.
We have a visit to Dry Creek Cemetery planned for Thursday night. I'm not sure how many SRT members will be going. I do know Aunt Belle, her daughter Sammi, and I will go. Hopefully, Angela will make it. Sarah and Floyd lost a close family member, so I'm not sure if they are going to feel like dealing with ghosts.
We will take my trigger object, Anna Lee, out there, along with some EMFs and KII's. There's a grave at the back of the cemetery where we got a lot of activity last time, the most we've ever seen on Anna Lee. Timmy can't make it, but he made me promise to film.
And the Aunt Belle ghost report is rather skimpy this time. As we watched the news the evening she arrived, Thursday, we had a visit from Juan, the stinky ghost.
"He's crossed over, " I said to Aunt Belle as we both held our noses. "Why does he still stink when he visits?"
"He wants us to be sure and know who he is," she explained.
Angela's ghost, Alan, also dropped by. He has started announcing himself with extremely cold spots. He was here Wednesday as I started this blog, and I emailed Angela to say: Tell your ghost to come home! He's here behind me, watching me to see if I'm writing about him. I'm not. My back is freezing. He needs to come back to your house. Alan, Go Home!!
Dry Creek was rather "dry." It ended up being Aunt Belle, me, Sammi, and the daughter of one of Sammi's friends. We set up near the back, where we got such exciting activity a couple weeks ago. However, instead of passing storms with thunder and lightning making Dry Creek more active, it seems to work negatively on our equipment out there. We got a couple flashlight blips at first, but mostly just waiting time … and more waiting time. One of those blips was an answer to: "Should we move? Turn on the flashlight if you want us to move."
The flashlight turned on, very brightly. Yes.
We moved, and the next stop was also static. After about fifteen minutes of being ignored, we moved again, and the last stop was a lot better. The rest of the crew wanted to set up under the trees where we first made the acquaintance of our old friend, Billy the Cowboy. However, on our last trip, Angela found a hollow tree completely full of bees, so I said no way to that. None of us have been close enough to see if they are killer bees or ordinary honey bees, and we don't plan on attempting that. Besides, we don't have any idea how to tell the difference, and if they turned out to be killer bees — which have been identified in Texas — and attacked, it would be too late. I love my ghost hunting spots, but if the bees want this one eventually, I'll have to let them have it.
The third time was our charm. Finally, our group of ghostly/spirited cemetery friends decided to chat, at least for a while. We talked to Billy the Cowboy, Ben, Esther, and Lauren. Blackjack, Ben's horse, blew on one of our group. Anna Lee did not light up completely at all. We noticed her lights trying to come on several times, and cheered our friends on: "Come on, you can do it! Just a little harder!" But they never actually could do more than brighten the light in her chest a little bit.
We talked about the reason behind this, and besides the storm, I think maybe the battery I put in Anna Lee was weak. It may have taken too much energy for our friends to light her up. Next trip, we'll have her fully charged.
The EMF blipped a couple times, but nothing substantial. Again, we tried encouragement: "There you go! You've got the meter up to one. Can you do two? Come on, you can do it!" Nothing more than just flickers, though.
Still, we enjoyed talking with each other and being in this peaceful cemetery under a full moon, as well as chatting with old friends we've come to know. Dry Creek is always fun, even when it's frustrating.
I'm promoting Montana Surrender, my sexy historical western romance, this week and next. I put some links out last week, but it's on some other e-book sites starting Thursday. I also did one of those author-interview thingies at Smashwords: My regulars probably already know most of the stuff about me, but you might pick up a new tidbit or so.
Back to work on Sunday. We have our critique meeting in the afternoon, and I'll read what I have written so far on Monsters Among Us, as I work to have it available as my annual Halloween story. After that, Angela will teach a class on reviewing evidence and how to isolate the interesting things we pick up so we can share them. Soon I hope to get more cool stuff up for y'all to see and listen to on Facebook or this blog.
In the meantime, stay safe, not only in your hunts but also driving during that full moon. There are totally crazy people out there on the highways then, but it's not the moon's fault.
T. M.

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