Saturday, August 31, 2013

Surprise Ghost Attack

Last weekend was one of those weird ones around here. I had the blog all written, telling everyone how quiet it had been, even though it was an Aunt Belle weekend. We made a trip to Dry Creek Cemetery and, while we had some action, it was mostly a "dry" night. After the rain quit, anyway. We had drop-in's from a couple of the regular paranormal visitors, Juan and Alan, but nothing really extreme. What we experienced would probably scare an inexperienced person into hysterics, but it was pretty much ho-hum for us. We chalked it up to one of those … well, ho-hum times.
Then all hell broke loose on Friday afternoon, when I already had my blog done.
First, Aunt Belle and I headed out to do some errands. We drove by a funeral gathering at one of the local churches. We barely got past the church when I looked over at Aunt Belle and saw she was looking at me.
"We picked up a ghost," she said.
"Yes, and he's highly agitated," I replied. "He's royally pissed off because he's dead. I guess he's from that funeral back there."
"Yep," she said. "That's exactly what I'm feeling."
I love it when we both pick up the same exact feelings, and this was one of those times. However, it turned out more intense for her. That ghost had realized we were aware of him, and he was in the car with us, demanding we do something about his death. He assured us that yes, he knew he was dead, but he wasn't happy at all about that. At the very least, he wanted us to go back there and let his family know he was still aware of them. We both told him in no uncertain terms we were not going to do that.
I mean, can you imagine us going into that funeral and telling his friends and relatives that? I told him that he needed to cross into The Light, and explained how it would work.
A moment later, Aunt Belle said, "Pull over. Hurry!"
I pulled over and she opened the door. We both thought she was going to upchuck, but she didn't. However, she was very woozy, and she stayed nauseated for several minutes. She gets that way sometimes around a really intense ghost, and this one was strong.
The ghost ticked me off when it upset Aunt Belle, but something told me that I needed to handle him carefully.
"I'm calling down white light for protection and green light for healing," I told Aunt Belle first. Within moments, she was feeling better, still a bit queasy, but nothing like she had been.
"I'm better," she admitted. "Now we need to get rid of our passenger here."
We were parked facing north, so I looked past her toward the east and started talking to the ghost. "You need to cross into The Light," I said as I opened a door for him. "See? There's the door. You can come back and visit your family after you cross. But that's where you need to be right now."
It took maybe five minutes of discussion between this agitated ghost, Aunt Belle and me before he decided to go. I could tell the minute we were going to be successful, because his attitude changed. His anger drained out of him, and I could sense his shoulders wilt in defeat.
I need to go, don't I? he said to us.
We assured him that, indeed, he did, and reiterated he could return as a spirit. Then we sat there quietly. He hesitated, but finally walked slowly toward the path of light streaming down from the sky. As they always do, when he reached the doorway, he turned, waved, and said, Thank you.
Whew! We were happy for him, but also glad this one was gone!
That wasn't all, though. The next morning, I was on the computer, checking email, Aunt Belle in the living room reading. She was going to be leaving later that morning, but she likes to wake up slowly and ease into the day by reading and having her coffee first.
Suddenly, my Dobie, Bonne Blue, jumped up from the couch. I heard her hit the floor, since her nails need trimmed, and it drew my attention. I looked out my door as Bonnie Blue raced toward me, shivering. Aunt Belle was watching her, too, a grim look on her face.
Bonnie Blue ran over beside me and leaned against my chair. I wrapped a comforting arm around her, but looked out at Aunt Belle.
"What happened?" I asked.
"I'm not sure who it was, but someone did something to her," she said. "She jumped off the couch like she'd been shocked."
I was pissed, more so than I had been at the agitated ghost the day before. We'd been feeling some unrest here the previous evening, but nothing really happened to bother us. However, you, or a ghost, better not mess with anyone I love, including my animals.
I gave Bonnie Blue a last pat and stomped out of my office. "I don't know who the hell you are," I said angrily, "but you are so out of here. You can go on your own, into The Light, or you can go wander somewhere else. Bother someone else's animals. You will not be staying here any longer. You're gone."
I saw Aunt Belle staring past me, into the office where I'd just been, and looked behind me. The office was full of mist. There was something pretty strong here.
I'm still not sure who it was; I didn't take time to chat. Aunt Belle and I did a really deep cleansing right then. First I opened a door in the East, and I felt someone go through it. It wasn't the problematic ghost, though, just someone else who was taking the opportunity to cross. Our problem man (it was male) was here until we had nearly finished the cleansing. He tried to pull one of those "slip behind us" tricks, but we both caught him and sent him on out the door before we put the final seal on the house.
It's been peaceful here since. Bonnie Blue hasn't jumped out of her skin, and the cats are quiet. I'm sure I'll have other new visitors drop in, but they'll find out pretty darned quick there are rules around here to go by. If not, they're gonna go bye-bye. You can't live in a haunted house and let the ghosts run you or your family or animals ragged.
I've been working on Monsters Among Us and Silent Prey this week. Just wait until you see the fantastic cover Angela is working on! I'll post it soon.
I'm pretty sure Monsters Among Us will be out there for Halloween, probably the first of October. I'm going to try to get it ready in time that y'all can do some pre-orders this time. That will help my sales a lot, also. If all the orders show up on one day, the book will hit the charts and help my career a whole lot! So I better get back to work.
Stay safe. Halloween's almost on the horizon!
T. M.

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