Saturday, October 12, 2013

FenCon Paranormal Encounters

Whew. I thought I'd been busy lately, but it's gotten worse. I have company coming in soon, then Aunt Belle and I are leaving for Myrtle Beach and the Novelists, Inc. conference. But before we leave, I have to hostess a birthday party for hub. And you have no idea how long it take to clean up a house let go while writing. Next week's blog will be iffy, but will get back to one as soon as I can. Did manage this one, though!
As I mentioned last week, there were a couple paranormal incidents during our stay at the FenCon hotel. If I had to try to examine things — which is nearly impossible in the paranormal world but which we continue to try to do anyway — I'd say it was a combination of it being October and Angela and I together. The Veil starts thinning early in October, so by the end of the month, there is hardly any barrier between our dimension and the one where the paranormal exists. And when Angela and I are together, we seem to attract ghosts. In fact, we have to sit across her living room from each other when our class meditates. Otherwise, we "visit" each other's meditation.
At the hotel, I noticed a ghost flitting around. He wasn't someone I wanted to take time and sit down to chat with, mostly due to the fact we had lots of other things to do. I sensed he was pretty benign, so I just nodded at him and went on about my business. For a while, that seemed to work, at least the first night we stayed there. I set the thermometer too low at first, and we woke up freezing. At least, I told myself it was me when I changed the temperature setting. I think it was still set at 68 degrees but it felt colder. It could have been, since I was sleepy-eyed and using my flashlight as I tried not to wake Angela up … and failed.
The second day, we came back to the room in the late afternoon to rest and get ready for the evening festivities. We had been in the room for probably a half-hour or so when I noticed a quarter on the floor.
"Did you drop a quarter?" I asked Angela.
"No, it couldn't have been me," she said.
We both looked at it and at about the same moment, said, "Brandon." Brandon is my grandson who was killed a few years ago in a hit-and-run. He has announced his presence quite a few times by leaving a quarter. I have them lined up in front of his picture here in my office.
That second night, I know for a fact I set the temperature at 72 degrees, so we wouldn't freeze. Guess what? I know you already guessed: we woke up so hot we had kicked off the covers. I checked, and the temperature was 78 degrees! Someone moved it. Since we were leaving the next morning, I just shook my head at the ghost and whispered, "Leave it alone!"
I really enjoyed being on Lorri's internet radio show last Tuesday. She asked insightful questions, not the usual. The shows are archived, so if you'd like to still listen, this one is at:
T. M. Simmons & Lorri Woodmansee discuss Living With Dead Folks
Lorri also mentioned wanting to see more pictures, so I'm going to try to get some up here at the blog. It's on my to-do list.
Stay safe this month as The Veil thins.
T. M.

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