Sunday, January 5, 2014

Heading into 2014

It's been a busy start to this new year, but a good busy one. We did an investigation that culminated in a cleansing on Saturday morning, and Saturday evening, headed out to my favorite cemetery, Dry Creek. I'll probably write up the investigation in detail for one of the diaries, since we did some interesting cross overs for a couple very stubborn ghosts. However, the cemetery was one of those fun trips for me.
We ended up taking a couple friends of a crew member, and it was the first time they had watched us communicate through the flashlights. My Raggedy Ann doll also put on quite a show for us! We've got a lot of evidence to go over, and my Equipment Tech, Timmy, is here for a couple days to help out. Since I lost my camera and couldn't find it for the majority of the time we were at the cemetery, I've only got a couple pictures. However, I do have those pictures because I asked the spirits out there to help me find the camera. Voila! I found it within five minutes of asking, about the time we were getting ready to leave.
The first picture is of an area we hadn't tramped through yet, so I could try to tell you the orb isn't dust. However, there was a breeze blowing that evening, so I'm not making any judgment calls. It's a nice photo, though.

This is Anna Lee, my Raggedy Ann trigger object, set up by the gravestone of a small child. We also laid our flashlights down here. I know this child has crossed over, since I helped her cross one night. Therefore, I don't feel that I'm intruding by setting up by her body's resting place. She does come back and chat with us, though. We had numerous incidents of her lighting up due to paranormal energy approaching last night, as we usually do in this cemetery. The other spirits we've be-friended there have also decided they like to speak through Anna Lee. She's my favorite piece of equipment.

One of my hopes for the new year (I don't do resolutions) is to get more proficient with sharing our evidence with y'all. If anyone knows about some good software (not too expensive), let me know here in the comments or on my Facebook page. Timmy's going to put together a set of dvd players/recorders to help us out.
I pretty much laid out what I hope to accomplish as far as my writing goes in last week's blog, so I won't bore you with those details again. However, if you are still in a Christmas-y mood, I'm leaving Upon a Midnight Clear, my Christmas short story, at $.99 for the foreseeable future. As usual, the best place to find the url's to buy the book at the various e-book sites is on the web site.

I wish everyone safe hunts in 2014.
T. M.

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