Saturday, December 28, 2013

Goodbye 2013

I wasn't sure I'd have time for one more blog in 2013, but here it is:
This is one year that many folks I know will be glad to see in the rear view mirror. I can't think of anyone close to me who hasn't lost someone or hasn't suffered a serious setback this past year. Some have lost more than one loved one. We weathered the year fairly well until December. As I write this, hub is still in the hospital. He went in on Christmas Eve and hopefully will come home December 29. Our presents are still under the tree, waiting for him so we can have the family together before we unwrap them.
You would think that, since I enjoy ghosts, death wouldn't bother me. However, I despise death. It leave a huge hole behind in anyone's life, including mine. It doesn't matter if I'm 99% sure I'll see everyone again. I don't like losing them from this life.
This will be my last blog of the year, of course. I'm looking forward to 2014 and hope each and every one of us has a wonderful coming year. I did have one possible paranormal experience at the hospital. Perhaps it was paranormal. Perhaps not.
I was sitting by the window in hub's room while the aid helped him with his bath. In places like this, it's best for someone like me to keep barricades up, but sometimes I forget. I felt someone go past me, their energy sort of floating by and on out the window. I sensed it was a woman, someone who had just lost her battle against death there in the hospital and was heading into The Light. I wished her blessed speed, but I wasn't about to go check around the floor to see who it was. The sensation was of a peaceful crossing, so I was glad for that. It was this person's time.
As I was driving home, I passed a white hearse going toward the hospital. My eyes were drawn to it, and I was fairly certain it was going after the body of the soul that brushed by me. That's all that was left, though. The soul was already over there rejoicing with loved ones.
I did accomplish a lot book-wise this year. I published four new stories: Living with Dead Folks, a collection of my 2012 blogs; Ghost Hunting Diary Volume V, both in e-book and paperback, with the story of the awesome Beckham Hotel investigation my Supernatural Researchers of Texas crew and I did; Monsters Among Us, my annual Halloween story, this year, a novella; and Upon a Midnight Clear, my annual Christmas short story. Next year I'm determined to get Silent Prey, the next dark paranormal, and Dead Man Ohio, the next Dead Man Mystery, finished. Plus in among there will be the collection of the 2013 blogs, another Halloween story and another Christmas story. A busy writing year planned, and I do enjoy writing for you.
You can check the web site for the url's for the books for your e-readers. Angela keeps it up to date for me.

All my best to you and yours in 2014. If you had a rough 2013, here's a cyber-toast to a better coming year. Hang in there!
T. M.

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