Sunday, December 15, 2013

Merry Ghostly Christmas!

I hope everyone is merrily navigating through this busy season. I think my ghosts are feeding off the high energy level around this time of year. I've had several glimpses of them this week, and felt their presences much more often than usual. So my deduction is they're enjoying the holiday season with us, because they can let us know they are around frequently. This alleviates their loneliness.
Of course, my ghosts always seem friendly, at least, the ones I allow to hang around. Besides the regular sightings of my residents, someone gave me a very pleasant experience on my front porch yesterday. We had gone to Shreveport overnight as a reward for my getting Upon a Midnight Clear up for sale. Back home, we had to unload the car, which is mostly my job due to hub's health. Anyway, she — it had to be a she — didn't materialize, but there was no doubt of her presence. On my third or fourth trip to the car, there was one of the most lovely perfume smells I have ever encountered just after I walked down the porch steps. In fact, it stopped me in my tracks, and actually gave me a few moments respite as I stood there and rested and enjoyed it. I'm not sure if she is going to stay or who she was. It lasted around thirty seconds, long enough for there to be no mistake what it was. I'm busy today with our writer's Christmas party, but maybe I'll have time soon to chat with her and thank her for the nice experience later on.
If you've been watching my Facebook page, you'll know I did manage to get my Christmas short story up this year. Late, but it's done, with another wonderful cover by the fantastic cover artist, Angela Rogers. Upon a Midnight Clear is available so far for Kindle, Nook and at Smashwords for various formats. Hopefully, within the next week, you'll find it at Apple, Kobo, and elsewhere. Next year, I have Silent Prey and Dead Man Ohio on the top of my to-do list.

I may not get another blog up this year, although I have a couple experiences waiting in the wings to tell you about. I'll try, but if not, I wish you and yours a wonderful Merry Christmas and a grand 2014.
T. M.

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