Sunday, March 9, 2014

Beckham Ghosts and New Book

I've lost an hour today, so I'm already running. You're also getting this a day late for a reason, a good one, in my opinion. I've got a new book up! Formatting changes the sites enacted gave me trouble, but finally got it up last night around 8:30 p.m. at Amazon and Smashwords. I'll put the buy information in the next section.
As to this past week, Floyd and I had a fantastic time with Connie at the Beckham. I didn't realize it was Connie's birthday until an hour or so before I left to go meet her. But I had time to get her a card. We also didn't get to spend a lot of time with her, but we were able to prowl the hotel, so I could show Floyd a lot of what Connie has accomplished.
Of course, we wanted to see the Ballroom. When we entered, there was a contractor working there, but … the ghosts also met us! Both of us felt the paranormal energy from several who came to greet us. It was a happy greeting, too. The sense I'm getting is the ghosts at the Beckham are excited about the restoration. Since Connie cares so deeply for the hotel, she was glad to hear that. She calls the Beckham "she," and you can sense her love for it.
The contractor was nice enough to take measurements of the Ballroom for us, since I'd forgotten to bring a tape measure. Everything is still very preliminary, but we are planning a fundraiser for the Beckham on October 18, 2014. That's Halloween month, so the ghosts and spirits will be very active. I've noticed in other paranormal get-togethers that when the energy of a bunch of people with various levels of gifts unites, it can be awesome. I would anticipate this to happen at the Beckham.
There will be spaces to rent in the Ballroom, thus our measurements. For now, we plan to have some readers, psychic and card, as well as a vendor or two. SRT will have a table, of course, and perhaps another paranormal group. However, our space is going to be limited, and I'll admit, we'll be fairly picky about whom we accept reservations from for that space. As I say, Connie loves the Beckham, so we don't want to disappoint her by having anyone who isn't professional and respectful of the paranormal. Afterwards, we have tentative plans for a couple, or three, ghost hunts. You'll have to stay tuned for more information, since we just started planning.
Now, tada!! At last I have the collection of my blogs from 2013 uploaded. Whew. Just when I get complacent doing my own "publishing," the e-sites change their formatting on me and I have to learn something all over again. There are a lot of photos in this one, and that's what they changed on me: the photo specs. So I had to go back through and resize every danged one of them. Ah, well, I'd still rather be doing my own publishing.
So far, the book is available at Amazon and Smashwords. It should be getting distributed elsewhere this week. Of course, the fantastic cover is done by Angela Rogers.

Enjoy reading, or re-reading.
T. M.

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