Sunday, April 6, 2014

More Beckham Fun

What a crazy week. And I still don't have my income taxes done! It's been sort of crazy fun, though. We're set as to the dates for our Beckham events, even with a lot of planning to do yet. That includes coming up with a name for our Halloween bash, but with all the creative minds on our SRT team, we'll work something up. Connie, owner of the Beckham, likes the word Spirit in the name, so we'll go from that.
The first event is easy to name. It will be Aunt Belle's Birthday Bash and will be held at Taste Buds after it moves down to the Beckham Hotel. Their food is scrumptious! They've reserved June 21 for us to celebrate Aunt Belle's birthday with any friends who can make it. We're looking at the party starting at 12 p.m. on that day, so send me a message on Facebook or in my email letting me know if you'd like to be added to the list of party goers for the celebration. Lunch will be on  your own dime, and depending on how many people respond, we might have a cut off point. However, I'll check with Darlena, who owns Taste Buds, and see how many she can accommodate after she moves to her new home in the hotel.
Contact me at:
The email is the one I check the most often, and since I'm getting ready to move my web site host, that one might be down for a while.
We've also set the date for the Halloween event as October 18, 2014, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. I'm gathering up people now for the tables we'll have for rent in the Beckham Ballroom. For sure we will have some readers of various types: card/tarot, psychic readers, etc. There will be vendors also, and a Celtic/folk music band. SRT will have a table, and Timmy will be there explaining how to use some of the equipment we use on our investigations. We also plan to have one of our computers set up to show some of the cool evidence we've caught at the Beckham.
There will be an entrance fee to go up to the Ballroom, but we'll keep it as low as possible. The readers will set their own prices, and right now, I'm not sure what types of vendors we will have. Lots, though, I'm sure.
We will be closing down the afternoon portion as promptly as possible, because we need the vendors and others to clear out at least by 7 p.m. For the next hour and a half, no one will be allowed up there while Aunt Belle and I, along with our SRT crew, clear the vibes in the Ballroom. Because….
We will be having three separate ghost hunts that night, led by various SRT crew members. One will be in the Ballroom and a few other parts of the hotel, led by Aunt Belle and me. We'll firm up plans for the other two, but as of now, they're set to be elsewhere than the hotel. Tentatively, one will be in the cemetery in town, led by SRT's equipment tech, Timmy, and Lonestar's James Faulk. The third will hopefully be in the Chamber building in town, where Sarah, Angela and I had the awesome experiences that I reported in my blog. Floyd and Sarah will be leading that one. Cost for each participant will be $10, and I'll let you know when we are set up for reservations. Be forewarned, we will be gathering at 8:30 prior to the ghost hunts to lay out the rules you'll have to follow. There will also be a waiver for you to sign. Anyone who disrupts the ghost hunt or baits or disparages the ghosts will be told (not asked) to leave, and there will be no refunds. The same goes for anyone who is disrespectful of the ghosts, the paranormal or our team members. No apologies for these rules.
This is going to be both a lot of fun and serious. No promises on ghosts, but we'll have you in places where we've identified them before.
No ghost story this week, just the usual glimpses of a few of my residents. I think I've been moving too fast for the ghosts to catch up to me!
Writing wise, I'm still having a ball with Dead Man Ohio, at least when I find time to do some writing. I wish I had more time for that, but I am getting well into the last half of the book. I always love writing, but even more when it's something I'm enjoying as much as I am this book.
We're having mostly gorgeous days here in Texas, although Spring also brings some nasty weather to us. So far, the tornadoes and hail have missed Terrell <knock on wood>. I hope all of you enjoy whatever season you are experiencing right now.
T. M.

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