Sunday, March 30, 2014

Nosy Ghost

This was one of those special weeks in each month when Aunt Belle visits. Her stays are breaks for both of us from our responsibilities, so I always clear my schedule as much as possible when she comes. That's why you're getting the blog on Sunday.
Thursday, we went out to Mineola and did some planning for the fundraiser in October. Unless something unexpected happens, the date is set for October 18 from 1-6 p.m., with three different ghost hunts from 9-11 p.m. Now we can start gathering people who would like to have a table in the Ballroom during the afternoon hours. We already have a couple confirmations. I'll be posting additional details as we get things firmed up, but we're also planning on a raffle with some neat prizes.
We felt several of the ghosts while we were at the Beckham. As we stood in the lobby chatting with Julia, the Beckham's marketing director, more than one ghost joined us to listen in. Also, when we went up to measure the Ballroom to get an idea of how many more tables we will have to rent out, we were welcomed by quite a few more. They all told us that they are happy with the restoration that's going on. It's going to be totally awesome.
My ghosts here at the house are always active when Aunt Belle comes to visit me (and them). The moment she walked in the door, we both felt paranormal energy around us — the ghosts welcoming her here once again. Each morning I asked her how she slept, meaning, "Did the ghosts show themselves?" Sometimes she will have an experience during the night. This time, she only replied, "They were there in the bedroom, but they just hung around without bothering me."
That's mostly everything that happened this time, except for one stronger incident — which I actually experienced. We have a Doberman named Bonnie. She hangs around the table at every meal, hoping for human food. Of course, she does get her share. Bonne can use those pretty brown eyes to her advantage.
While we were eating lunch, I felt Bonnie nudge the back of my arm quite hard. She does this a lot, also, if we are too long in between slipping her a taste. I looked around … but there was no Bonnie there beside me. I felt the blouse sleeve, since Bonnie usually leaves behind a wet nose print. The sleeve was dry. Then I started glancing around the dining room, and there was no Bonnie in sight.
Aunt Belle said, "What are you looking for?"
"Bonnie," I said. "Where did she go?"
"She's still in on the couch," Aunt Belle said. "She hasn't come in here yet."
"Well, something just nudged the back of my arm, and whoever it was poked hard, like Bonnie does. I would have sworn it was her."
"Couldn't have been," she said.
Just then we heard a thump from the living room, the noise when Bonnie jumps down from the couch. Then we heard her toenails click-clicking across the hardwood floor, and she appeared in the dining room. Aunt Belle and I just looked at each other and shook our heads.
I glanced around again, this time to see if I noticed any ghost lingering nearby. Howard spends a lot of time in the dining room, when he's not outside roaming around. No Howard, and none of my other paranormal residents. I looked over at Aunt Belle and she shrugged, indicating she didn't see anyone either.
So I just said, "Nosy ghost," and went back to my hamburger.
Writing-wise, Dead Man Ohio is coming along great. I read a couple chapters at our critique meeting and couldn't help myself. I had to look over at Amanda, the only one who could make that meeting, to see how she was reacting. She was giggling! So that was great, because it was one of the funny scenes. I just love getting my characters in humorous situations instead of the horror a lot of readers expect in stories with ghosts.
I think our Texas Spring is here for real now. Aunt Belle said the bluebonnets are blooming in her neck of the woods, so we should start seeing them around here soon. I love bluebonnets, but it's a close tie with azaleas. You might recognize this from my new Witch Angel cover.

Happy Spring, and …
T. M.

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