Saturday, August 23, 2014

Barney and a Ghost

It's not very often that my hub experiences the ghosts here at the house, but it does happen once in a great while. There have been times when I'm fairly certain he's experienced something, but he explains it away somehow. The other night, a week or so ago, he couldn't explain this one away.
We were both in bed and he was asleep while I read on my Kindle. Suddenly he woke up said, "What do you want?"
"I don't want anything," I said. "Why?"
By then he was more awake and he realized I was too far away from him for what he'd just experienced. He said, "Someone just shook me, hard. Woke me up."
"Just one of the ghosts," I said, but I chuckled as I went back to reading. I think it took him a while to go back to sleep that night.
The past two weeks have been busy, busy, so that's why such a short ghost story this time, although it is true. We went to St. Francisville last week and stayed until Sunday with my friend, Dianna Miller. She owns what I call an old Cajun store near where she lives, north of town. We had an awesome investigation on Friday night, and even more amazing things happen at her house. I'll be writing about those in the next diary volume.
I'll be involved in an overnight investigation Saturday night at the Beckham Hotel. Mostly, I just need to be available in case someone needs me. Selena Roane of Fear Paranormal will be in charge, and all the funds we raised are going to Connie Meissner for the restoration of this wonderful historic place.
Once that is complete, my plate is pretty much cleared to start totally focusing on the Beckham Spirit Fest on October 18. Well, after we do another investigation in Palestine next week, August 29. We're going over to do a pre-walk-through first, today, which is the day I'm writing this.
The Beckham Spirit Fest is turning out to be a fantastic event for being the first major public event at the hotel since it closed down in the mid-1980's. There was another owner in between, who tried restoring the hotel but didn't manage to do so. Then Connie Meissner came along about a year and a half ago, and things are continuing to move forward.
The Beckham Spirit Fest is a half-day paracon of speakers, vendors, readers, and others involved in the paranormal field. I'm going to show you our flyer, and you'll see we have some dynamite speakers. After the half-day paracon, we'll do three ghost hunts in town. One will be in the hotel. One will be at the town's Chamber of Commerce building, which used to be a bank and which I can confirm is haunted. The other one will be at the city's cemetery, a beautiful sprawling graveyard. Again, SRT has investigated there, and we got some great communications from across the veil. We've got people coming from all over Texas, plus some from surrounding states. I can guarantee you a wonderful time.

I anticipate getting Dead Man Ohio up for sale next week! I'm doing the final edit right now. So keep your eyes peeled.
Now back to my busy schedule. Stay safe, and….
T. M.

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