Sunday, March 15, 2015

Friday the 13th Ghost

Surrounded by Ghosts

Sometimes I wonder why I encounter a lot more ghosts than most people do. Then I find myself around other sensitive people and realize they, too, experience many more paranormal incidents than the rest of the population.
Still, I get startled now and then, as I was this past Friday the 13th. I took Barney down to his appointment at the heart doctor for some tests, grabbing my Kindle to get in some scarce reading time while he was in with the technician. I was sitting there engrossed in a book when up above my reading glasses, I saw a large, dark, man-sized shadow glide down the aisle between two rows of chairs. Maybe glide isn't the right word; the shadow went rather quickly, as though the man was walking purposely, in a hurry to get somewhere.
It was definitely human-shaped and rather tall, since I saw the shadow go across the back wall in the seating area, well above the heads of the patients sitting there waiting their turn. For some reason, I got the impression it was a doctor, perhaps because the shape appeared to be wearing a lab coat. But then, there's also a lab for drawing blood on that same floor, so maybe it was someone from there, or to be correct, "used to work there."
I immediately laid my Kindle on my lap and stared around, trying to see if there was anyone in the room behind me dressed like that, anyone who could have cast that shadow. There wasn't. In fact, there really wasn't any sort of light the "man" could have crossed in front of to leave that sort of shadow. There were two offices on this floor, one in front of me, one behind me. When patients were called into these offices and stood up to go in the doors, none of them ever cast a shadow, so I was certain this was a ghost.
I decided to open myself and see if he needed some help, I did indeed get the feeling it was a man, not a woman, and a ghost, not a spirit. He felt confused and a bit startled that I was trying to make contact with him. It was one of those situations where the ghost stood back and looked at me in astonishment, not knowing what to do next.
I mentally contacted him and said, Yes, I can see you. You need to cross into the light, where you'll find peace and contentment.
He still didn't "answer" me, just stood there in surprise. Again, I mentally repeated what I'd said, and this time, although he didn't respond in words, I received the impression he did want to cross into the light.
I had to think a minute to orientate myself as to the directions around me, since we were in the basement of the building. However, I quickly identified east (behind me), and mentally opened a door there. I've told ghosts many times that they really don't need me to open the door into the light for them; it's always there. Still, it's usually a lot easier for them to believe me and cross over if I do a door that is visual to them.
He gave me this grateful look, and a second later, I felt the breeze on my face as he passed me on his way to the door. There was, of course, no way a breeze could infiltrate this enclosed room in the basement of a building, so I had no doubt it was this ghost passing by me. As usual, I sensed some others following him. There always seem to be quite a few souls wandering around a medical facility.
Oh, and I also "heard" him say, "Thank you and goodbye."
I dug in my purse to find a piece of paper and a pen. You'd think with me being a writer, I'd always have stuff like that with me. But I swear the pens take off in pairs to go procreate somewhere I'll never find them! I did succeed at last, and made some notes so I could write my blog. On the way home later, Barney had to dig into my purse for something and he happened across the note I'd stuck in there.
He frowned and said, "Friday the 13th Ghost?" Then he just said, "Oh," and put it back.
As I started writing this blog, I also found myself contemplating my first sentence. I don't go out and read the reviews on my books too often, but now and then, if I'm doing some promotion that requires a certain number of reviews on the book, I'm stick my nose into them. My books all have a 4+ star rating on Amazon, and I love that. But I still see one of those reviews now and then that insinuates I'm not truthful in my diaries <sigh>. I've even had other paranormal investigators leave reviews that pretty much say my experiences are false because they never had anything like that happen to them. (Can anyone say "calling someone a liar?") Poor supposed investigators (not). These types of reviews used to upset me, but I changed my mind about that a long time ago. I don't really feel sorry for them; I just shake my head and go on appreciating the wonderful gift I have.
Guess what? I actually got some good writing done this week! Silent Prey is quickly turning into a written book. It's amazing how my mood lifts when I'm getting some real writing done. After I finish this blog, I'll be taking the new chapters I have to my bi-weekly critique meeting to get some input from fellow writers.
I've also been working on a couple events for my favorite hotel, the Beckham Hotel. The wonderful medium, John Cappello, is going to be doing aura photography and a gallery at the hotel on April 10, 2015. The aura photography will be from 4-5:30 p.m. John will rest after that but be back from 7:00-9:00 p.m. for the gallery. You probably know what a gallery is, but if not: There is an audience of people, and at the Beckham, it will of course be in the beautiful ballroom. Rather than one-on-one readings, John will pass on messages to audience members, messages he received from Spirit. John is an awesome medium, as well as just a really nice person. I'm so looking forward to this. I'll be setting up an event on Facebook for those friends of mine who are close enough and want to attend this wonderful occasion.
I've also nearly gotten the speaker slots filled for the Beckham Spirt Fest on October 3, 2015. This, too, is going to be a dynamite event. I'll be passing on more information very soon on that.
In the meantime, enjoy the spring that is on the way, and ….
T. M.

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