Sunday, March 29, 2015

Is My New Puppy Going to Hell?

Aunt Belle visited this week, and I'll have several ghost stories for you in the next blog. However, this one was already written, so I can't let it go to waste.
Tuffy, March 2015
Let me tell you right up front: No, Tuffy, the new puppy, isn't going to hell. What made me think of this topic was that he has somehow found and chewed up two bibles in the past couple weeks! So my devious mind worked its way around to a couple things. One was the rules we were taught when I was a little girl about how to take care of the Bibles we received in Sunday School.
We were taught to treat our Bibles with true reverence. We were to take care of them, not tear any of the pages, and keep them clean. One thing I remember clearly is that we were never to put another book on top of our Bible. To this day, I never allow any other book to lie on any Bibles in my possession. In my office, I keep a Bible open to certain verses in Revelations. These are verses regarding malevolent entities such as Satan and how they will be dealt with. My sister, Annie, was a great help with these. I feel guilty sometimes, though, because once in a while my cats will crawl across that Bible and there are some tears on the pages. However, I use scotch tape to repair them, because this is the Bible I want open in here.
The other was what we do when we do house cleansings. We sometimes ask our client what their religious preference is, and that's the type of prayers we will use during our cleansing. Most of our clients are Christian, so we will use Christian prayers, although prayers are somewhat similar across most denominations. At times, if the client is Catholic, our crew member Floyd, who does the blessing behind the rest of us, will even use Latin. We haven't had any non-Christian clients up until now, but I can imagine we will in the future have Jewish, Wiccan, or other faiths of clients. If we do, we'll try to accommodate them.
So you can perhaps see why my mind went down the trail of what poor Tuffy's punishment would be for tearing up those Bibles.
One of the Bibles Tuffy Destroyed
I keep several Bibles around for clients, in case they have a particularly troublesome ghost and I feel they might need that deeper protection. Now, though, I am going to have to put those up higher, to keep them from the sharp puppy teeth. I can't figure out why on earth Tuffy chose the Bibles from among the dozens and dozens of others books that are on shelves within his reach. Puzzling. Any thoughts from y'all on that?
I am still working hard on Silent Prey. However, I’m also hoping to get Living With Dead Folks, Volume Three, up next week. Angela is going to put both Aunt Belle and me on this cover. It will be so cool.
I’m also working on an author page for Facebook. That's turning out to be interesting. I'm not much of a techno nerd.
Some of my crew and I are also in the midst of getting ready to host the wonderful medium, John Cappello, at the Beckham Hotel on April 10. I was very happy to find such a deep interest in having John do a Spirit Gallery at the hotel, since I've known him for years. John is an excellent medium and I'm very glad to introduce him to more people. The event page is on Facebook at I'd love to meet some of my area Facebook friends at this.
I hope Spring is springing where y'all are. We've had a totally wet and rainy March, and those in the know are predicting that our bluebonnets will be wonderful this year. I'm planning to get out and take some more pictures, maybe some with Tuffy in them.
Texas Bluebonnets
Stay safe, and….
T. M.

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