Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Aunt Belle Weekend Ghosts

Aunt Belle in her SRT Attire
Aunt Belle and I could hardly believe it when we sat down and figured out it had been six months since we visited! We had even missed our annual Christmas get-together. Personal responsibilities had interfered, of course. She had car trouble, for one thing. However, the main complication was her husband's ill health. He eventually ended up in the hospital, and then was moved to a rehab unit in Temple, Texas. After a few weeks of stress for her, and when his health started improving, she needed some relief herself.
Circumstances be darned, we were going to see each other the fourth week in March. So I drove down to visit her, plus bring her back to my home for a few days. Her daughter would come pick her up after our time together. What we had forgotten was that we experience a lot of paranormal incidents in situations like this. I'm not sure what it is; perhaps it's just that special power we have when we're together. Maybe it banks up and gets released when we do finally meet again. However, we were quickly reminded of it.
She had moved a year or so ago, and though I'd spent one night there, it was after a long day of celebrating her birthday at a surprise party and eating a lot of good food. So we both went to bed tired that night and slept deeply. Although she had told me about a ghost or two that haunted her new home, I don't recall any bothering me that one day and night I was there. This time, it was just Aunt Belle, her grandson, David, and me, since her husband was in the rehab unit. I woke up several times, and on a couple of those occasions, footsteps sounds had disturbed me. However, Aunt Belle and David were both asleep when I checked on them, so there was no one to make those sounds.
Another time, I nearly went running through the home to waked them up to escape. The hallway was inundated in smoke, so thick I could hardly see the walls. But I didn't smell smoke, and by the time I shook off the grogginess of being awakened, I could tell it was that deep paranormal mist. Again, I heard the footsteps, and I had one of those instinctive realizations of what or who was roaming around. She had told me about this Native American man she had seen now and then. I caught a very faint glimpse of this man, and knew the mist was associated with him. I'm seldom afraid of ghosts, and I really wasn't this time. However, I decided not to turn my back on this guy. Instead, I fell back asleep on my side in a way that I was facing out toward this roamer.
The next morning, I told Aunt Belle about my experiences, and she confirmed my description of the Native American man. She herself hadn't heard a thing that night, which didn't surprise either of us. We don't always have the same paranormal encounters, even when we're together. However, she was used to this ghost prowling around, as I am in my own home. Plus she was exhausted from staying with her husband for so many long days. She would soon catch up some on her rest, though, which was part of my intention when I kidnapped her.
We drove by to visit her husband on the way back to my house, so it was late that evening by the time we arrived. The ghosts here at home were definitely out to greet her, and we had so many experiences, we resorted to keeping a list so we wouldn't forget any of them. I'll relate a couple here, but since I don't want to make this blog too long, I'll keep the others back for the next one in two weeks.
After we got here, she went as usual to unpack in the Molly Belle Suite.  When she came out of the room, she said she had seen a man appear briefly. He was gone too quickly for her to make contact, so she wasn't able to communicate and possibly identify him.
On my end, after we went to bed that night, I was constantly disturbed by the sounds of footsteps, people talking, and also the loud noise of things falling in various places. Since I still have two cats who prowl around at night, that could have explained those latter sounds … except we didn't find anything out of place that next morning when we searched.
We had a full day of visiting and estate sales planned, but we took out time that morning to have coffee and wake up. At one point, I asked Aunt Belle how she had slept.
"I got up once and went into the bathroom," she said. "Teddy was in there. He just stood staring out the window, though, instead of saying anything to me. He was still there when I went back to bed."
"Was he dressed like always?" I asked.
"Yes," she agreed. "He had on that tri-corner hat."
I've never seen Teddy myself, although I've felt him many times. He, like Howard, appears to be one of my regular paranormal boarders. He hasn't taken advantage of the numerous times I've opened the door and urged the lost souls hanging around to cross over. Each time, I tell them I really don't have to open that door; it's always there for them. However, with some of the more confused souls, it seems to help them if I talk and actually show the door to them. When I do this, the door appears more visually, which helps them understand where it is and how easily they can use it.
I've sat down with Howard a few times and urged him to go into the Light. However, he keeps telling me, "There's no one over there I want to see right now." Since he has free will still, it's his decision. I've never chatted with Teddy, perhaps because he pretty much isolates himself to the Molly Belle Suite and bathroom, plus has so far confined his scare tactics to my male visitors. Howard roams all around the house, plus even outside, so I "see" and think about him often. I pretty much forget about Teddy until someone sees him or he decides to frighten a visitor. I'll have to sit down with Teddy some day and see what I can discover beyond what I already know about him.
Next blog, I'll talk about the chatty ghost who nearly drove Aunt Belle crazy on our road trip, plus a couple warnings she received, one of which proved immediately true.
There are a couple things new book-wise this blog. The Dead Man Talking e-book is now free out there. It's a tactic to, I hope, attract new readers to my Dead Man Mysteries series. So if you have friends who you think would enjoy my books, you can start them out with this one for free.

 Also, Dead Man Haunt is now an audio book! ACX sent me some codes to get it free, so if you'll either send me a private message on Facebook or email me at ghostie@swbell.net to ask, I'll send you one of the codes. I'd use the comment section here, but it doesn't seen very reliable. The fantastic Shelley Lynn Johnson did another great job on the narration.

Our Spirit Gallery with John Cappello at the Beckham Hotel was a huge success. We'll be doing this again in a couple months or so. Many of the people who came assured me they would love to return for another Gallery and thanked me for bringing John to their town.
Me, John, Connie (Owner of the Beckham)
Now I'll be focusing a lot more time on the Beckham Spirit Fest on October 3, 2015, so mark your calendars. It will be bigger and better than last year's, and that one was fantastic. We have more speakers and some extremely interesting topics.
Until then, stay safe and….
T. M.

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