Friday, May 1, 2015

More Aunt Belle Weekend Ghosts

See? I told you I'd write some more about mine and Aunt Belle's long-awaited weekend. OK, and I'll admit, you had a long "await" for this. Don't let anyone tell you that when you retire you will have more time. I've been searching all over for some more time, but nada.
Anyway, for this blog, I'll start out with one of the warning messages Aunt Belle got, which has thus far not come true (thank goodness). It happened when we stopped for a late dinner on the way home from visiting Aunt Belle's husband at the hospital. She asked me, "Have you talked to Sarah lately?" (Sarah is Sarah Brigdon, both a good friend and member of our SRT crew.)
"I talk to her pretty often," I replied. "They headed up to Oklahoma to play and sing at a festival this weekend. Why do you ask?"
"I've gotten this message about her at least six times in the last couple days. You know how it is. You sort of try to slough things off. But it keeps coming back."
"Then we should tell her about it. Better safe than sorry, you know."
"Well, I keep seeing this man dressed in camouflage watching her," Aunt Belle related. "He's a fairly young guy, not threatening looking at all. But I keep getting the feeling that he means her some harm. Go ahead and call her and let her know."
So we tried. And tried. I attempted to reach Sarah several times, both while we were eating and on the way home. None of those calls connected. I tried to text without success. Finally, when I got home, I was able to send a message on Facebook, not to Sarah, but to her husband Floyd. He was able to pass it on to Sarah. But to this day, they haven't reported seeing the camo man. However, since there have been other incidents they've witnessed or heard about pertaining to Aunt Belle's sixth sense, they are keeping the warning in mind.
One other thing I will mention, then go on to another incident. "Time" in the other dimensions isn't like our measurements of time. When I meditate, sometimes I get messages from my guides about something coming up in my future. This also happens during readings. However, I don't need the guide or reader to tell me that there is no set "time" for this. For instance, they can't tell me whether it will happen in a month, two months, a year, or exactly when. I've had messages come true fairly quickly, and others so far in the future they surprise me. I stop and remember that I'd been told about this months back, and now it was finally happening.
Two other paranormal episodes happened when we were traveling to a book festival I was taking part in down in Palestine, Texas. We were also going to visit with another good friend, Karla Lang, and her family. We became aware of someone in the car with us. I looked over at Aunt Belle and could see that she was aware of our hitchhiker. She had a frown on her face and appeared to be listening to someone.
"Do you feel her?" I asked.
"Yes, and she's irritating the heck out of me," she said. "She won't shut up."
"All I can hear is chatter, chatter, chatter," I said. "I can't make out what she's saying."
She listened for a few seconds, continuing to frown. "She says she doesn't know me, but I think she does know you."
I shook my head. "All I'm getting is that she's a woman. And unless she talks so I can understand her, I can't tell who she is."
I still could hear this woman rambling away. She did remind me of someone I had known several years ago, now in spirit, but I wasn't getting any evidence that would allow me to identify her. Another feeling I had, and which we discussed for a few seconds, was that I believed this woman was a spirit, not a ghost. In other words, she had passed into the light upon her death, and now could come back to visit us. We both appear to be able to sense the difference between spirits and ghosts, and Aunt Belle agreed with my feeling.
"She wants a beer," Aunt Belle said next.
"Sorry," I told the woman. "We don't have any beer with us, and I think we're in one of those dry counties in Texas. So you're out of luck."
Finally, Aunt Belle said, "Her name is Helen. She says she never met me when she was alive."
"I know who she is!" I agreed. "Yep, now that I know her name, I can tell that she sounds just like the Helen I knew, talking and talking and talking. Especially when she'd had a few beers."
"She said she did like her beer," Aunt Belle added.
"Yes, she did."
After a few more seconds, Aunt Belle said, "She's telling me about someone with sore feet. I'm not sure, but I don't think it has to do with you or me. Maybe someone who's going to have sore feet."
"My feet are fine," I said as I spied a sign for a donut/coffee shop up ahead. "Hey, are you about ready to stop for breakfast or brunch? I’m hungry."
"Let's do," she said. "Maybe Helen will be quiet after we get back in the car."
And she was. Whew! We had a peaceful trip on to Palestine, where we did indeed find out why Helen was talking about sore feet. Karla's daughter, Annie, was dressed as a character in one of the books another author at the festival had written. Annie had on a pair of the high-soled shoes young women are able to tolerate and walk in, and at one point, she complained, "I wish I hadn't worn these shoes. My feet are killing me."
Aunt Belle and I looked at each other and I said, "Yep, that's what Helen was telling us about."
We had to explain things to Karla and Annie, and we were certain this is what Helen meant. Helen didn't know Karla or Annie, either, since she died well before I met them. Our conclusion was that Helen told us about this so we would be able to know for sure we had been talking to my long-deceased friend. Also, it confirmed my feeling that she was in spirit, not a ghost. I don't believe ghosts can tell us about future events, even if the event is only a short while in the future.
The other strong incident we experienced that weekend was with a new friend we had made. My husband and I, along with our friends Sarah and Floyd, love catfish. The church a block from my house has all-you-can-eat catfish every Friday night during Lent, and we normally go there as often as we can manage. One evening Sarah and Floyd brought along Sonya and Don Fullmer for us to meet, and we all hit it off. Our two friends couldn't make the fish fry the weekend Aunt Belle was here, but Sonya could and did. Aunt Belle clicked with Sonya just as I did.
We hadn't gotten a lot of time the previous week to chat with Sonya, but this week we had a table to ourselves, so we took our time eating and visiting. Finally, Aunt Belle said quietly to me, "I'm getting something about Sonya, but I don't know whether to mention it or not."
"Sonya is a sensitive," I assured her. "She'll be glad to hear what you have to say."
We shifted around our seats until Sonya was next to Aunt Belle, and Aunt Belle told Sonya what she was receiving. She said she "saw" a young man around Sonya, and he really loved her.
"Maybe I shouldn't ask this," Aunt Belle said, "but have you lost a child?"
Sonya grew very quiet, then she explained to Aunt Belle what she had told me when she visited me one day during the week. That she had indeed lost two sons when they were in their late teens.
Then Sonya told Aunt Belle how grateful she was that at least one of her sons was with her. Sonya had wanted to reach her sons via her own abilities, but appeared blocked. This happens a lot with our own abilities, so it wasn't surprising. She was extremely happy that Aunt Belle had indeed passed this information on to her.
As to the book business, Silent Prey is moving along! But I've also finished one project at last. Living With Dead Folks, Volume Three is now a book! This is a collection of my 2014 blogs, all gathered in one place. It's a full year of blogs, and may be the last book for two years. Since I'm only doing the blog every two weeks, I may not have enough for a full book after 2015. Then, again, the blogs this year are lots longer, so maybe I will. We shall see, right? Anyway, here we go as to what I have thus far. I'm putting the newer ones up before all the Amazon ones. (So far, Kobo is lagging, but hopefully I'll have a url from them to report on the next blog.)
Oh, and yes, that's Aunt Belle and me on the wonderful cover that Angela Rogers did for me!

Now back to work on writing and Spirit Fest planning.
T. M.

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