Monday, November 9, 2015

Dancer and Alan

We got a new rescue dog in July of this year, and she's really adorable. She loves her new forever home and we have fallen in love with her. Her name was Dancer, and we decided to keep that, since she responded to it.

My son Kelly and I meeting Dancer

Dancer is around two years old, a guess, since she was found homeless. She still has separation anxiety, but I think she's learning to trust that we will always come back. Of course, whenever possible, she goes with us, and she enjoys that a lot. All I have to do is pick up the leash, and she's ready for a walk or a ride. Her favorite place in the car is on my husband's lap, so she can see out the windows easily.
I've been taking her to my critique meetings, and everyone else treats her special, also. Besides our meetings, I take her whenever I go over to see Angela, my cover goddess, friend and SRT co-leader. We always go to Angela's annual Halloween party, and this year, she extended a personal invitation to Dancer. Since her theme was the Adams Family, she suggested Dancer might like to come as a lion. So I found her a costume at Walmart.

Dancer Halloween 2015

Now, I know for a fact that animals see ghosts, and I'd noticed Dancer staring off and following things around my house with her eyes. However, there was no doubt that Angela's ghost Alan was at the Halloween party, and he was interested in playing with Dancer.
I had Dancer on my lap at one point and felt Alan behind me. She started looking over one of my shoulders, then shifting to look over the other shoulder. She did this several times, and I was laughing because I knew Alan was teasing her. Just to be sure, I turned around and looked behind me. There was no one there; everyone was out in front of me, handing out candy to the little trick-or-treaters and visiting with each other. I looked over at Angela and saw she was watching Dancer, also.
"Alan's back there playing with her," I told Angela as Dancer continued to shift back and forth on my lap and peer over one shoulder, then the other.
"Yep," she said, confirming what I'd felt.
It was such a fun feeling that I decided to memorialize it in my blog. I was also thinking that Alan seems to be maturing as a ghost. Ghosts do that, just as we do in our lives. I've "known" Alan for several years now, and yes, Angela, Aunt Belle and I have had to discipline him a time or two. He pretty much behaves now, and I like the animal-loving trait in him.
We volunteered this past weekend at George Jones' ComicCon in Tyler, Texas. It was a nasty, rainy weekend, but we persevered. The highlight of my two days was meeting John Schneider, who was of course Luke in Dukes of Hazard. My husband was so embarrassed. He didn't recognize John at first, and since he was posted at the door to check armbands and keep unpaid people out, he nearly refused John entrance. Luckily, he realized who he was first, and I was able to get my picture with him.

Trana and John Schneider

As to the writing, a lot of you probably already got the newsletter about Silent Prey finally being published! And of course, I mentioned it last week. Now I have a lot of the buy links, so I'll post them for y'all.
Buy Links:

I'm enjoying our fall weather, except for the rain. I know we need it, but I wish it wouldn't rain on the weekends. Oh, well, we're now heading into my second favorite season: shopping! Yeah, I've already started Christmas shopping.
Mostly, I'm waiting for Aunt Belle to show up this coming Wednesday. We're taking a girls-only weekend, so if the blog is late, that will be why. Hopefully, we'll see some ghosts, since natch, we're staying at a haunted b&b. I've also got a new ghost here, one I had to call Aunt Belle about last night. I'll report on that, if he talks to her, which is what he said he was here for.
Take care, stay safe.
T. M.


  1. That is one very cute pup. Congrats on meeting John. Anyone who loves animals is OK in my book...including ghosts :)

  2. I do not know how I missed this one.


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