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I love to scare myself silly ... or sillier ... in the paranormal world. I'll try to keep my followers up to date on my adventures, both as to living in my own haunted house and other investigations. But you have to promise me you won't try what I do without a seasoned paranormal investigator guiding you. It can get dangerous, and those entities we encounter are very, very real. Plus never, ever mess with a ouija board. Evil entities enter our world through those.

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I have a romance web site at, if you like that type of reading.

Hope you enjoy being scared! Naysayers negated, I don't post embellished or false reports. I write fiction in my mysteries and romances, but not the true ghost stories. Those are actual incidents I've experienced and been a part of. I have fairly intense experiences alone, but when Aunt Belle and I get together, look out ghosts! There's something about the combined energy we possess that allows us to have more in-depth paranormal experiences than most other sensitives. We won't talk about the near-jail adventures. :-) 

We've recently discovered that Angela, my co-lead investigator at Supernatural Research of Texas, my paranormal investigative group, also enhances our shared energy. Wow, we've had some adventures! That's Aunt Belle on the left, me, then Angela.


T.M. Simmons sold her first book two years from the time she started writing. After a decade and a dozen books in the romance genre, she decided to write paranormal mysteries. The first book in her 'Dead Man' series was Dead Man Talking, and Dead Man Haunt and Dead Man's Hand are now available. Dead Man Ohio is definitely in the works, and she continues to publish volumes of her ghost hunting adventures in Ghost Hunting Diary Volume I through (so far) V. You'll find a list of her books under the book tab, as well as some of the paranormal short stories and novellas she has written.

In addition to her writing, Simmons enjoys developing her strengthening psychic powers. She has been known to visit graveyards in both the dark and full of the moon. She sometimes takes along her husband of 45+ years to protect her from the bumps in the night, although he's been known to spy a ghost or two and retreat rather than confront. She's extremely willing to discuss her experiences with anyone she can corner.

Strange things happen when Simmons and her aunt, Belle Brown, go hunting together: they see ghosts, they talk to ghosts, and every once in a while, ghosts pop into the pictures they snap. Their experiences include seeing whirlwinds of light, ghosts crawling in bed with them and scaring them silly…well, sillier, ghosts deciding to hitch a ride home with them, ghosts putting on a goodbye show, and many others. They've hunted in New Mexico; the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas; The Myrtles in St. Francisville, as well as Natchitoches and New Orleans, Louisiana; Jefferson, and other Texas towns; Ohio; Wisconsin; and numerous graveyards and haunted buildings all over the place. Their favorite trip (so far) was to Cimarron, New Mexico, where they spent two days and nights all alone in the historical and haunted St. James Hotel.

Simmons recently formed her own paranormal investigating group, Supernatural Researchers of Texas. Her select group of members is Aunt Belle, of course, and her co-lead, Angela Rogers. Timmy Smith is SRT's equipment tech, and he's fantastic with the cameras and other paranormal equipment. Simmons never understood or got into things like that until she met Timmy. The other three members are Amanda Guzman, Sarah Brigdon, and Floyd Brigdon. The motto of SRT and its members is: Leave Peace Behind.

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