Short Stories

Halloween and all year round are good times for spooky stories! The fiction stories in Grave Yarns, as the title suggests, are set in graveyards, a suitably spooky place. As always, read if you dare.
Table of Contents, Grave Yarns:

Butterfly Kisses: These butterflies are not something you would enjoy seeing, day or night.
Dark and Stormy Night:  A tale about a writer who scorns his craft and learns to regret it.
Permission Denied: Shows you what happens if you disrespect supernatural entities.
Pitiless Pumpkin Patch Pirates:  A romp on the humorous side of the paranormal
Sweet Revenge: A ghost and his motorcycle achieve payback for murder.
The Devil's Due: You should never bargain with Satan or any of his minions.
An Extra: Midnight Ferry: A true ghost story from Ghost Hunting Diary Volume I

Grave Yarns is available in ebook form for only a buck ninety-nine at the following sites:

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