Sunday, August 23, 2015

Aunt Belle's Silly Harold Ghost

Yep, I know I'm on the verge of breaking my vow of putting up a blog each week the rest of the year. But Aunt Belle was here! So I have a valid excuse. We spent one day checking out estate and garage sales and another day at my grandson's birthday celebration.

Me, Ransom, Aunt Belle
(No idea why I'm bending over!
Guess I was laughing at the Scantily-Clad
Photographer at Redneck Heaven.)

In addition to a couple things that happened to us, she also told me some ghosts stories for your enjoyment. You only get the one this week, and it's about Harold, who she's sure tried to fool her about his name. It happened in her daughter Sammi's mobile home, which is next door to her.

Sammi and Aunt Belle
(Don't we choose good meeting places?)

Here it is in (sort of) Aunt Belle's own words:
Sammi and I take turns leaving for more than a few hours, since we have to take care of my husband and her daddy, Terry. It was my RayeLynn's birthday (my great-great-granddaughter and Sammi's granddaughter), and Sammi left to visit Terrell and go to the party. She would stay overnight, so I took care of her pets. I brought her little dog over to my place, but went over to hers when it was time to feed her cats.
Oh, does Sammi have ghosts there! She's told me about things being moved around a lot. Sometimes they reappear, sometimes they don't. One morning, she woke up and found a can of sloppy joe mix on the washing machine. She asked her husband, Joey, why he took that can out of the pantry and put it there. Joey swore it hadn't been him. Now, a can like that is fairly heavy, so it takes a ghost with some abilities to move it.
Anyway, I haven't even told Sammi about the ghost I saw yet. I went over the next morning after she left to feed the cats. And there was a man sitting on her couch! Joey had, of course, gone with Sammi, so there wasn't supposed to be anyone home. The man was a full-bodied apparition, wearing jeans and a plaid shirt like my daddy used to wear. Despite the fact he was sitting down, I could tell he was a rather tall man and sort of slender.
"Hello," I said. "I'm Belle."
He said, "Hello. My name is Harold Foster." Then he smirked at me.
I just looked at him, because I didn't believe him. I fed the cats as I was thinking about him, but when I got ready to leave, he was gone. The more I thought about that smirk, the more I realized his name was not Foster. I'm fairly certain his first name is indeed Harold, but I believe his last name is Fisher. I'm going to do some research on him in the book I got from the Chamber lady and see if I can find him listed.

Sadly, I had to take Aunt Belle back to her responsibilities on Sunday, and we again met her daughter Sammi halfway in between the journey. I'm sure they are going to have a good talk on the way back, maybe one that Sammi won't really enjoy. You see, Sammi's just not real comfortable with ghosts, although she does see them. After all, she's her mother's daughter.
Sammi brought her son, David, with her. He was Aunt Belle's first grandson and she always calls him Buckwheat. If I recall, he once had a cowlick like that little guy on television when we were in our younger years. You can't see it now, though.

Aunt Belle, David, Sammi

Are any of my readers of an age to remember who Buckwheat was?
As to the writing, well, I'll just say it. I hate changing computer programs, but it didn't appear Windows was giving us much choice. So I installed Windows 10. Ha! Everyone said it was a good program. I guess it is, but it sure gave me fits until I figured out why it was locking all my documents files! If any of y'all have the same problem, you have to sign in every time as administrator. At least, that's what I've had to do to get them unlocked and be able to save the changes.
Therefore, there wasn't a whole lot of writing done this week, given my wanting to enjoy Aunt Belle's visit. But I figured it out, so I'm back to writing again.
I intend to have Silent Prey finished this week, for sure. If the creek don't rise. (Does anyone remember who said that?)
We're selling tickets still for our Beckham Spirit Fest, which will be Aunt Belle's next trip to visit. I'll also have my friend Dianna Miller and her buddy, Earl, with me then. For the tickets, get 'em while they're hot!
As I leave you, here are a couple more pics of the party.
The Family

The Riders Leaving


See you again soon.
T. M.


  1. Buckwheat was the little black kid. Alfalfa was the one with the cowlicks. Spanky was another one and Darla was the sweetheart :-)

  2. Crazy blog changed the way I had to answer comments. Think I figured it out.


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