Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hub's Experience

Hub came home from hospital Monday, 6/6/11.  He is getting over pneumonia, so isn't supposed to spend too much time lying down in bed.  He sits in a lounger in the living room, in a corner by the fireplace.  Yesterday, he said he was watching tv and all of a sudden, "something" ran across his legs.  He looked to see what it was, but there was nothing there!  He said it felt like one of my cats, that weight, etc.  They have done this before.  But there was no cat in the living room.  We are missing one of our cats.  It went outside and hasn't been seen for several days.  I can't help but think something did happen to it and it's coming back now in spirit, to the home where it lived its entire life.  Hope it still shows up, but I am starting to grieve.  But I'll see her and all my other pets at the Rainbow Bridge some day.

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