Friday, March 23, 2012

Sis and Ghosts, Free Book

I'm putting Winter Prey up free for the Kindle for Mar. 23-24. Probably the last time I will make this one free. Not forgetting the Nook folks, and will make it available for them and other e-formats after it goes off the Kindle Select program. for Winter Prey! It's garnering some cool 5 star reviews from readers. :-) It's my dark paranormal romance, so be forewarned: the windigo does eat people.

Sis has been visited by the ghosts in  her room a few times. She does not like them at all! But she's not afraid of them, either. She says she "sends them off" whenever they bug her. The other night, she got up to visit the little girl's room (well, we are still little girls at heart!). When she got back in bed, her stereo came on. She knew immediately it was one of my ghosts playing with her. Said she "sent it off!" I don't know where they go, but they always come back. :-) They've called her name and woke her up, turned on her lights, turned on her overhead fan, lots of things.

She sees them, too, probably better than I do. She's also the one who warns me if something nasty has slipped in on me, so I can do a cleansing and run it off. My cousin Cody also does that. I get busy and forget to do a periodic cleansing, but I make time whenever someone warns me about a nasty infiltrating my home. No matter how hard you try, these entities can slip in on you. That's why it's so important to know what you are doing and not mess around with the paranormal. And never, ever mess with a ouija board. Evil things, those. And the demons and dark entities know this and use it.

If you're following the portal closing at my friend Angela's house, it's still closed!! Fantastic. It's peaceful in her house, although once in a while a ghost will pop in, but not for long. Well, except Alan, and he's truly behaving himself these days. Afraid one of the psychic bitches will come back and discipline him <grin>. And none of them come through the portal any longer. There was no control over what came through there, so the only option was to close it off permanently. Thankfully, we did that. Yippee for us!

Take care, stay safe, happy hunting, happy reading!

T. M.

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